You’ll Never Guess Why A Crazy Iranian Woman Tried to Kill Her American Date


21-year old Iranian-American woman met an American man through a dating site. After luring him to a Las Vegas motel, she began to stab him in his neck.

Nika Nikoubin claimed to police that she had stabbed Suleimani in revenge for the American drone strike of 2020 that killed the prominent Iranian General Qassem Sulimani. Suleimani, commander of the Quds Force Revolutionary Guards, was responsible for the deaths of dozens of American soldiers.

8NewsNow: Nikoubin met the victim online through Plenty of Fish. Henderson police reported in an arrest report. They agreed to meet up at Sunset Station on March 5 and share a room.

Police said that the victim and Nikoubin began to have sex while in the room. Nikoubin then put a blindfold over the victim. Nikoubin turned off the lights and the victim felt a “pain on his neck” several minutes later.

I doubt I would have switched off the lights in the same room as this woman.

Police said that Nikoubin was pushed to the ground by the victim after the stabbing.

Nikoubin ran out of the hotel, telling an employee she had just stabbed someone, police said.

Nikoubin said that she wanted revenge when talking to the police. Nikoubin said that she had listened to “Grave Digger” and it gave her the motivation to take her revenge.

A judge set bail at $60,000.

Nikoubin said she did not want to kill the man but only to hurt him. That is absurd. You can stab someone anywhere you want, except the neck, if you only want to hurt them. We don’t know the condition of the unlucky date, but we do know that he is still alive.

It is hard to believe that there are still many Nikoubins in America, and it is possible that they have arrived here by accident. A report by the Department of Homeland Security recently outlined the situation of Iranian terrorists living in America. This woman is not likely to be part of any terrorist network. However, it’s absurd that Biden reached a nuclear arms deal with Iran.