You Won’t Believe This Disturbing Video From Black Nationalist Subway Shooter


Now we know more about the man accused of wearing a gas mask, smoking a grenade, and shooting at New York City subway passengers on Tuesday.

Frank R. James is the real name of the man. His political views appear to have been a key factor in his attack. However, he was “cleared by” the FBI in 2019. Surprisingly, the authorities are pretending that there is no motive.

The Waukesha massacre attacker who drove his SUV into Waukesha’s Christmas parade and killed six people, including a child, is also a vocal Black nationalist who spoke out against white people being killed. The FBI is reluctant to label crimes that may prove inconvenient to the left. For example, the FBI called the 2017 Congressional Baseball Shooting a suicide of a cop until they had to amend it nearly five years later.

Evidence still shows that James was driven by his radical political views. James also claims that white people are upset that black people don’t consider themselves slaves.

While I don’t know if I’m mad, I’ve never been mad at the fact that black Americans aren’t as enslaved as they were two centuries ago. Joe Biden was the former President who accused Mitt Romney in 2012 of trying to re-enslave African Americans.

Is there any surprise that people get influenced by the message that one side tells another that they are victims and are oppressed, and then held down in a literal nazi State? It seems illogical to say that it does not.

Another aspect is that black nationalism is often intertwined with and influenced by racism. Court documents show that he believed the Jews were “devils” and held black nationalist views.

Are Democrats’ constant rantings on Israel and Zionism causing you to be concerned? Is it possible for someone on the left to incite violence by using words?

They’ve got eggs in their faces once again when they return to the FBI.