Wikipedia Has A Filthy Secret


My conservative friend once told me that he used to send a check each month to Wikipedia. I asked him why he would support a website that promotes left-wing biases, and anti-conservative biases and suppresses conservative views.

This is a common error. Wikipedia was not founded on open-source principles. Wikipedia asserts that its articles are neutral in their approach to writing.

We publish articles that are objective and clearly explain the main points. This lazy, mushy, postmodern word-salad lacks any substantive meaning.

Wikipedia has a different view of conservative views than liberal views. Wikipedia has a strong view on abortion. If done properly, abortion is one of the safest medical procedures. This is especially true for the developing world.

Pro-abortion supporters would reject these descriptions. This also repeats many of the talking points from Planned parenthood.

It is impossible to fact-check articles about conservative media sources. Articles about left-wing news sites, however, are possible. An article I wrote years ago stated that it was anecdotal and not scientific. Wikipedia activists as well as fact-checkers have all confirmed this.

Does the left-leaning website get the same treatment as right-leaning websites They spread fake information, as we all know?

HuffPost (ROFL)

Vice (Yeah right)

The New York Times (No! I’m serious)

Daily Kos (You’ll see where this is going).

CNN (Nothing to see here except Trump calling CNN “fake news”)

Wikipedia minimizes major controversy. The Florida Parental Rights In Education Bill is also known as the “Don’t Say Gay Law”.

There was much controversy around Disney’s response in March 2022 to the Florida bill banning discussion in schools about gender identity and sexuality (HB1557). Many employees also walked out.

Wikipedia states that the controversy had nothing to do with parents trying to protect their children. Disney employees were protesting and asking for kindergarteners to be allowed to discuss explicit sexual topics.

Larry Sanger was one of the cofounders and editors of Wikipedia. He told Tucker Carlson, Fox News, that Wikipedia is not neutral.

Millions of people access Wikipedia every month and believe it to be impartial and unfiltered.

Sanger said, “The Left is, frankly speaking. It is relentless when it comes to stating its view. Wikipedia is part of their Mass Media. I believe they had to take another institution.”