Why Establishment Republicans Want to Lose in Georgia?


Each poll shows Georgia’s Herschel with a comfortable lead heading into the November midterm elections. As previously reported, Walker is ahead of Warnock by four points in the most recent survey.  This would suggest that the GOP is ready to take the initiative and win a significant Senate election that could decide the majority. They want to lose.

Walker’s staff isn’t ready for the Democrats or media to do to Walker. While they publicly accept Georgia’s loss, Walker can still pull it off by simply moving with the next wave.

According to the Senate GOP perspective Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire will be more difficult than Georgia even though they have unresolved fields.

Walker supporters can be pleased that Walker finished first in the year’s bruising Democratic year. Arizona, Nevada, and New Hampshire are cheaper and more appealing options.  Walker has fewer supporters than Republicans looking for a pickup. In contrast to Arizona and New Hampshire where polls are closer, Walker has.

While I can understand why establishment types want Walker to be hanged, it doesn’t mean Republicans won’t win Arizona, New Hampshire, and Nevada. They will, I believe. It’s to say that money should be in all those places.

Will Democrats throw the kettle at Walker for some past transgressions? Yes, but that’s politics. It is not justifiable to preemptively give up a very competitive race because the left will play dirty. To the Republicans who are already suggesting this, just shut up. Walker is not Roy Moore. He didn’t date 17-year-olds as a 30-something-year-old man. Although he will need to address domestic issues that he has had, the current political climate doesn’t mean he cannot rise above them.

Walker is clearly the nominee in all scenarios. Walker’s supporters seem to be desperate to get him out of the way. It won’t work, and it is self-destructive.