Why Doesn’t White House Staff Want to Talk About Hunter Biden’s Laptop


Since 2020, we knew that the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was real. Liberal media tried hiding the truth, even though Hunter was using the laptop for questionable purposes.

Kayleigh McEnany, the White House Press secretary at the time, was locked out of her Twitter account for sharing the story.

This was flagrant interference in an election. They claimed they wouldn’t have voted if this information had been known.

The NY Times announced Thursday that the laptops and emails were confirmed to be real by them after two years of discovery. This is an amazing feat.

They will be able to do authentic journalism they have never done before. Joe Biden should ask about the laptop’s connections to Russia, Ukraine, and China. Biden made an interesting observation Wednesday regarding naked blackmail. Hunter allegedly told a prostitute Russian girl that he was being blackmailed. This is especially relevant now that Russia-related issues have been addressed.

Biden has tried to avoid answering this question for too long. In this video, Biden tells Fox’s Peter Doocy that it was all Russian disinformation. Doocy is just a one-horse horse.

Jen Psaki (White House Press Secretary) was asked by media to explain what Biden had to say about the situation following the NY Times story. “Hunter Biden does not work for the government,” she replied. This is poor body language. It’s obvious how many times she blinks. She doesn’t want to answer.

Why did they make a defense for him at Biden’s transition site if he wasn’t employed by the United States? (paid for and funded by taxpayers ). The Biden transition site was set up to protect him from buyers who might know their identities, Joe Biden stated.

Joe may be working for the government while Hunter might not. These emails concern Joe, as well as Hunter’s alleged influence-peddling.

They knew the situation and provided the best solution. They won’t know what they should do if they are held accountable.