Why Are We Still Using Political Yard Signs?


They’re everywhere. One might be yours. These are the New Woke Order’s identifying mark and can be found in many gardens across America. You need to stop it! You’re obnoxious.

The origins of the woke patrol can be traced back to the original creator. If it’s not an election year, political signs aren’t allowed in your yard. Election years can be hard enough without the constant stream of TV ads featuring disturbing music that depicts the worst of the opposition. PERSON. EVER. People want to just throw things at the screen and not have to watch it. When I finally get to the grocery shop, I pass 1000 of these items. I feel like I have to stay there. It’s because everyone insists everyone has to accept their political views. Shut the #!&!! UP!

This is something that no one needs. These ridiculous signs are hypocritical. My personal favorite is the “Hate Has no Place Here” sign. The “Hate Has no Home Here” sign is my personal favorite. There is a high chance that I will be chased off their property and used hateful slurs like “Nazi” and other hateful lies. This sign suggests that anyone who is opposed to far-left ideology would be considered “hate”. They hate those who oppose far-left ideology. These people are not funny!

The tweet below is filled with lovely-sounding things that will make people wonder “How could they possibly disagree with any one of those?” “. Let me show you.

  1. Misleading. The United States has laws as well as borders. It is illegal to cross a border without going through immigration. While this doesn’t make someone an illegal person, it does make them criminals. If you believe in legal immigration and think that people should be permitted to come here, then the sign owner accuses you of thinking that those south of the border is illegal because of their existence.
  2. Falsehood. Women’s Rights are Human Rights. Ask them about the rights of unborn mothers.
  3. Misleading. Black Lives Matter Yes, black lives do matter. Black Lives Matter is an organization that seeks to end the current government system and has links to communist Marxists. If you disagree with their political views, it doesn’t make one a racist. You cannot tell a sign owner this. They will deny it and hum loudly to drown out the truth.
  4. Climate Change is Real. Is this talking about the weather? The weather is real. Weather can change. Global warming or freezing can cause weather changes. When I was 25 years old, they told me that we would live in an ice age. There is no ice age at 45. Al Gore ran out of time for his Doom Clock around 10 years ago. Climate alarmists are lying about nothing. When will we stop believing them? (Also, why is it not “global warming?”
  5. It is misleading. Love is love: This sentiment is universally shared. This sentiment is common.
  6. It’s not okay to be misleading. Kindness is the best. It’s not serious. Kind? Kind? Kind? Many of these people believe you shouldn’t be allowed to get a kidney transplant if you don’t have your vaccines. This is how kind it is!

It is rude to discuss religion with someone you have just met. Even though I haven’t met you yet, I want to know your political views before I visit the farm store. This type of virtue signaling can be very frustrating. Are people really doing this? Is it necessary to place a sign in my yard stating, “In this house, we believe every person who places signs on their lawns are complete morons”? I would not do this because I want my yard welcoming and cheery to all who pass my house. I’m not trying to keep half the population away from mine, and I don’t live in fear for my neighbors who have different political views.

Don’t do it to your fellow man.