Why Are The Lefts Really Angry With Elon Musk’s Offer to Buy Twitter?


You may have heard that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla/SpaceX, has offered to buy Twitter. As he has been openly stating, the goal is to buy the largest online conversation site, free it from the tyranny of radical leftists, who try to silence anyone to the right Marx, and return it to a platform that values freedom of speech.

This has led to leftists losing their minds and, even though I am writing this, the response has been nothing but glorious. It’s not panic without any substance, but people coming to strange conclusions that freedom of speech is somehow harmful to freedom.

Yes, that’s it.

Zooming in on the arguments gives us an idea of the motivations of both sides. When you clearly lay out each side’s goals, you can see where the ideologies are.

Supporters of Musk’s purchase of Twitter want something simple. They want the freedom to speak their mind without fear of being banned or suspended. They want to be able to have conversations and make points without having to obey the guidelines laid down by their political/ideological opposites.

This means that there is a little more honesty and less ideological oversight.

Those who oppose the purchase are saying that they don’t want people to speak what they want and when they want. Because some people will use that information to spread misinformation that threatens our democracy.

That’s at least their excuse. They are not afraid of spreading “misinformation”, but the fact they will soon lose their handicap on the course. Their ideas and declarations will need to be weighed in an environment that doesn’t protect them.

They don’t like the fact that they are being treated equally.

Many of the arguments made by the left cannot exist in a vacuum. Outside opinions can quickly deflate arguments. Twitter has been complicit for years in keeping some arguments from getting into mainstream media. Given Twitter’s de facto status (or as Elon Musk put it), that has polluted national conversations on many topics.

The “Trust and Safety Police” on Twitter have been busy with everything, from transgenderism to the COVID-19 virus. Daily bans and suspensions are commonplace on the right. Even jokes can be punished. Ask the Babylon Bee. Their account is currently suspended.

You’ll see a lot fewer right-leaning people now than when GamerGate was around 2014/2015. Our voice has been greatly diminished on the platform. Others who are still around have seen their reach reduced to an absolute minimum. My Twitter followers are over 40k, but you would think that I have 200 followers based on the reach of my tweets.

Imagine the impact on the national conversation if all the banned and suspended people are allowed back onto the platform to speak the truths that the left has kept hidden. Imagine the largest platform for conversation not having a guiding narrative.

Inevitably, the national conversation will shift away from the left.

That’s what they are really mad about. They cannot control the conversation in this country. Their power of dictatorship will end and their ability to convince you of any ridiculous talk point they have will also be diminished. They will lose more power, while the people gain it.

It is obvious that people are upset at the fact that people are gaining power. These people should not be trusted.