Why Are So Many Democrats Testing Positive for Covid?


We reported on the news that Kamala Harris, Vice President’s communications director, tested positive for COVID at a bill signing ceremony. We also received reports that Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, was also positive for COVID after she attended the same event.

The real super-spreader event was Saturday night at Gridiron Dinner, where more than a dozen politicians, as well as media personnel, reported contracting coronavirus.

They include Reps. Adam Schiff (D.Calif.) & Joaquin Castro, (D.Texas). ); Gina Raimondo, Commerce Secretary; and Merrick Garland, Attorney General.

Muriel Bowser, Washington, D.C. Mayor, announced that she had tested positive. Additionally, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, Rochester, N.Y. Mayor Malik Evans, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, Austin Mayor Steve Adler, and Arizona Democrat Rep. Tom O’Halleran all tested positive.

Are Republicans suddenly, dare I say it, immune?

Washington Post:  Tom DeFrank is a columnist for the National Journal and president of Gridiron Club. He said that the group had 14 guests who have tested positive as of Wednesday afternoon.

He stated that it was impossible to know when the first case of covid occurred. “But they did interact during the night with other guests and we have to really expect more cases.”

What happens when you don’t hide your true feelings?

He said that about half the cases were clustered around three tables and that the club was working to notify everyone who was sitting next to or across the infected.

It is not clear how many cases of infection occurred at the dinner or how severe the outbreak will be. Many guests work in jobs that require frequent testing. This allows for the detection of some mild cases. Castro and Raimondo claimed they have only mild symptoms, while Schiff stated he feels fine and praised the importance of boosters and vaccinations.

The Gridiron outbreak, where some comic skits featured actors in coronavirus costumes, such as large, green, bouncing balls with red frills, highlights the risk-benefit balance many Americans will have to negotiate as the pandemic recedes.

Nearly all Democrats claim they are asymptomatic. This means that it is not worth reporting. You might as well report the number of dysentery cases from that Gridiron Dinner.

It is sublime, however, as a matter of “social justice” or schadenfreude