What Did MSNBC Analyst Malcolm Nance Do While Fighting in Ukraine?


Here are a few facts about Malcolm Nance’s life. He’s 61. He served in the Navy from 1981 to 2001 and retired as a Senior chief. It didn’t take me long to find out this information on Wikipedia. Nance allows anyone who asks to see it. He is also loudmouthed and speaks a lot about himself.

Nance recently quit MSNBC as an analyst in order to “fight” for Ukraine. He said he was done talking. Nance quickly did lots of talking and more talking. His mouth is full of puffy and nonsense.

The optics are also important. Nance returned to Ukraine in the spring and took a picture of himself in “combat gear.” Combat veterans who had actually seen combat were quick to laugh at him for what he was wearing, not wearing, and what he did not do. Nance had no magazines in his pockets and a magazine that was not seated in his rifle. Nance explained that he was too busy “clearing the weapon” to notice.

It seemed that his photo is a poser poster. It might make a great back-cover image for his next novel of fiction.

I searched the internet for information about Senior Chief Nance. Brian Lamb of C-SPAN interviewed Nance for a long time. He asked many interesting and silly questions.

Lamb asked Nance whether he had ever “killed anyone.”

Nance replied: (emphasis mine).

“Well, I have certainly seen someone killed. I fought, I mean, I was in Beirut in 1983. I was involved in naval combat against the shore positions. I was part of the Libyan air attack and other operations. In the first Gulf War, I was in Tripoli with the U.S. when we struck a sea mine. It wasn’t as bad as being in close proximity to a mine. I guided drones to attack Iraqi positions from the USS Missouri.

After I was ashore with EOD, and then with the Saudi forces there were many dead…

Do I have the right to fire on people? Yes. There is a huge difference between when you use a firearm for defensive purposes and when you use it for offensive purposes. You’re not always aiming. While you’re trying to aim, the enemy is moving around. In the first Gulf War, I was mainly involved in suppressive fires.

However, I have been able to locate Bosnian cities many times.”

Nance’s response to Lamb appears to be more of an answer-list super fluffer than a real answer. Nance still has many supporters and acolytes to his left. The veteran community is not so supportive. Many vets have commented on Nance’s character as a clown. Evidence suggests that this is the truth.

An article was written by Peter Morlock, a Navy Senior Chief (E-8), an Airborne Mission Supervisor (Arabic), cryptologist (Arabic), and SPECWAR operative. It was like a character nuke. It made Nance’s BS pink mist. Nance was a non-issue for the Navy. Morlock was stationed with Naval Reconnaissance Support Activity in Rota (Spanish) and was informed directly by his commanding officers that Malcolm Nance would be present anywhere near NRSA. Morlock could then physically remove Nance.

Morlock says that Nance was transferred from SERE school to be an “instructor” as no one wanted Nance. Nance’s badassery is evident from the fact that he has fluffed his SERE time. Nance did not instruct anyone in SpecOps, or Aviators. I recommend that everyone read Morlock’s article. Morlock is rightfully furious at Nance’s chest-thumping and especially bothered that Nance wore a combat action ribbon when Nance almost certainly never saw any direct action.

Nance took his photo of himself in Ukraine fighting, but he wasn’t talking. Nance did an interview with NBC, sharing some ‘Nance-speak’.

There are apparently incoming munitions during the interview. Nance looks up, down, and sniffs for signs of “incoming” ordinance. He shouts repeatedly “Standby,” whatever that means. He then gives a serious look to his face and raises his arm to check his watch.

Nance tells his interviewer that he can see the missiles coming from East-Southeast. This, Nance says, is translated into “caliber anti-ship missiles” by Nance. You can watch the video. It’s funny and sad all at once — it reminds me of an episode on “The Office.”

I never served in the military. For whatever it is worth, my dad and son were both combat veterans. What do I know? I do have two eyes and can read. You don’t have to stay at Holiday Inn to see that Malcolm Nance is a clown-posing poser.