Watch: Over 7,000 Participate In ‘Laredo Trump Train’ Event

By Amy Furr September 17, 2020 | Image Source: Breitbart

Thousands of President Donald Trump’s supporters came together for a parade in downtown Laredo, Texas, on Saturday.

“We had a great, peaceful event with over 4,000 vehicles participating and over 7,000 people participating in the event,” organizer and National Border Patrol Council Vice President Hector Garza told the Laredo Morning Times.

“We opened up the event by honoring God in prayer and honoring the U.S. flag with the Pledge of Allegiance. The Laredo Trump Train expanded for over 15 miles along IH-35, Bob Bullock Loop and Del Mar,” he continued.

Webb County Republican Chairman Bill Young said it was one of the largest political events he had ever witnessed.

“It was amazing. We are going to turn Webb County red as we are going to win Webb County,” he noted.

Over 95 of the event’s participants were from Laredo, according to Garza.

“The Laredo Trump Train did not reach out to any outside organizations to participate in this event. The Laredo Trump Train event invitation was only posted in Laredo,” he explained.

The group’s Facebook page said it had more than 6,000 members.

“All aboard the Laredo Trump Train! Together we will Keep America Great!” the page read.

Video posted on YouTube Monday showed a massive line of cars decked out with American flags and Trump 2020 flags as people honked and waved:


“There are many more events that the Laredo Trump Train will be hosting in Laredo,” Garza said, adding, “We will be coordinating with city officials to ensure a fun and safe event.”

He also shared a link to more photos of the parade on his Twitter page Monday and called Saturday’s event “historic”:

Participant Steve Moreno told the Times he supported the president because he stood for the same beliefs:

Many of us support the same values of being pro-life, supporting the police, gun rights, law and order, legal immigration, tax breaks, strong military, small businesses, voter ID, working class, prosperity for all minorities, small government, free speech, conservativism, the Constitution, capitalism, patriotism and justice for all. That’s why we want to express love for those things.

Trump was the best candidate because he cared about people living near the border, participant Ricardo Suarez told the outlet.

“Finally, we have someone that listens to the issues down here and not just takes [sic] our votes for granted,” he concluded.

Author: Amy Furr

Source: Breitbart: WATCH: Over 7,000 Participate in ‘Laredo Trump Train’ Event