Was The Military Trying To Make Things Worse

By Kurt Schlichter September 04, 2021 | Image Source: Town Hall

Hey, everybody! Welcome to this week’s “Stream of Kurtiounsess”! Now, I’m looking at the Afghanistan withdrawal and thinking that this clown show couldn’t have gotten any worse, and then, out come the golden retrievers. Let’s leave a bunch of dogs to these seventh-century savages! You have to think, are they trying to do this? Is the military trying to screw up worse? “How can we screw up worse? I know! We’ll get rid of our major base of operations that can provide air support and security.” Brilliant! It’s amazing! “Well, I learned everything I know from the French Army in World War II.” Wow! But what more can you expect from a military that seriously thinks America’s biggest threats are people who voted for Donald Trump and the weather? There’s a lot of blame to go around here.

Author: Kurt Schlichter

Source: Town Hall: The Afghanistan Clown Show Couldn’t Have Gotten Any Worse, But Then It Did