Video: Autonomous Zone Occupiers Pine Over France’s Guillotine Days

By Guy Benson June 16, 2020 | Image Source: Town Hall

Based on The New York Times’ description of Seattle’s autonomous zone, one might assume that any mention of the word ‘chopped’ within this context perhaps refers to a happy-go-lucky street version of the television cooking competition show. Oh, what’s that, you say? They’re chanting about beheading people who don’t get with the ideological program, in the tradition of the blood-drenched French revolution? This “festive block party” is pretty dark, man:

Meanwhile, there have been disputes over whether small businesses within the zone are being pressured with extortive tactics, or whether they love what’s happening. Police initially said that business people were being ‘encouraged’ to pay what amounts to protection money, but that assertion was walked back with officials saying they’d heard some rumors, but lacked hard evidence or specific complaints. A Daily Beast article purported to demonstrate that local shops and restaurants were thrilled with the ‘autonomous zone’ because of increased foot traffic. They’re “having a great time,” we were told. I’m sure some of them were sharing their true views and experiences on this front, but here are two questions: First, were the many business owners whose storefronts remain boarded up or abandoned available for comment? Second, if you ran a business in that area, and you were upset or angry about the lawlessness consuming your neighborhood, would you be eager to say so on-the-record? Perhaps re-watch the clip above before answering that question.

Here’s one man who says he was forced to extinguish a fire in his own place of business, which was deliberately set by a vandal. As you listen to him, please recall the Daily Beast’s headline (“Local Businesses Love the ‘Domestic Terror’ Zone in Seattle, Actually”) and the amazing “Chaos, Debunked” subhead. Not only could this guy not get the police or the fire department to come help him, he was falsely accused by the mob of holding up the vandal or thief at gunpoint.” As he explained himself to the mob, he bravely warned, “this kind of mob stuff — that doesn’t work”:

“Seattle is fine,” insists the mayor, trolling President Trump on Twitter. “Don’t be so afraid of democracy.” That’s her response to all of this. It’s just democracy at work, apparently. Tell us, Mayor Durkan, did the people of Capitol Hill vote for this?

“I’ll remember your faces.” I’ll leave you with another striking “national media vs. reality” juxtaposition:

In spite of The New York Times’ embarrassingly idyllic propaganda, the speech in this supposed “free speech” zone is not free. The Antifa/leftist land of make believe is deeply intolerant, and many in the media are sanitizing their coverage to bolster their ideological brethren. Who’s shocked?

Author: Guy Benson

Source: Town Hall: Video: Seattle Autonomous Zone Mob Fondly Recalls French Revolution’s Guillotine for Dissenters