US Capitol Order Evacuated Because Everything Is Stupid


Wednesday night. The US Capitol Police, who were last seen performing the cold-blooded execution of an unarmed woman on January 6, 2021, were ordered to evacuate US Capitol

The email announcement reads: “The USCP monitors an aircraft that poses a potential threat to Capitol Complex,” and was sent shortly after 6:30 p.m.

This report from the AP sheds light on this incident.

Two people who are familiar with the matter stated that the single-engine aircraft was seen circling Washington shortly after taking off from Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. The people spoke to The Associated Press under oath.

This description indicates that Capitol Police knew that the aircraft took off at a military base. It is possible that it is not surprising that the aircraft took off from the military base that supports Air Force One.

How can we be certain of these statements? It is clear who was on the plane.

A parachute team from the US Army, the Golden Knights (or the Golden Knights), jumped into a Nationals match. It’s likely that the issue was not due to proper permission or take-off but to some bureaucrat trying to prove ownership of a particular fire hydrant.

We are ruled by idiots. What does that make us?