UN Human Rights Boss Weighs In On US Protests

By Alex Newman June 08, 2020 | Image Source: The New American

The communists are back to their old tricks: Pressure from above, and pressure from below, to destroy freedom and all who resist. In recent days, United Nations “High Commissioner for Human Rights” Michelle Bachelet (shown), an actual communist who defected to the brutal dictatorship enslaving East Germany, blasted the United States amid protests and riots, painting the nation as a racist abomination in need of deep reforms to address “structural racism.”

Exploiting the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, the far-left UN “human rights” boss — a big fan of the late mass-murdering dictator Fidel Castro — made all sorts of demands, too. Naturally, establishment propaganda outlets posing as news organizations around the world parroted the dishonest claims by the scandal-plagued UN operative, further tarnishing America’s image abroad. She also demanded that U.S. authorities bow down to the demands of the “protesters.”

But as always with anti-American revolutionaries, the issue is never the issue — the issue is always the revolution. In this case, the totalitarian Deep State is fomenting and funding violence and chaos on the streets of America (pressure from below) and using subversives in high places such as Bachelet (pressure from above) to trap the American people in a vice grip of tyranny and destruction. The question now is whether it will work in the United States — one of the least-racist societies in history — as it has in so many nations that have fallen under the thumb of tyrants over the last century.

“The voices calling for an end to the killings of unarmed African Americans need to be heard,” claimed Bachelet in a June 3 statement, adding that there were “credible reports” of “unnecessary” use of force against the rioters and violent looters burning down dozens of U.S. cities under the guise of protest. “The voices calling for an end to police violence need to be heard. And the voices calling for an end to the endemic and structural racism that blights U.S. society need to be heard.”

Downplaying the obvious role of billionaire George Soros and other Deep State globalists in funding many of the groups orchestrating the chaos, Bachelet ridiculed the idea that there were unseen forces “behind” the protests. “We have seen thousands upon thousands of peaceful protesters, of diverse backgrounds, taking to the streets to demand their rights and to call for change,” she said, again blasting alleged “structural racism,” a Marxist rallying cry to divide society, and alleged “police violence.” Of course, the society based on alleged “structural racism” literally elected and reelected a black president in recent years, despite black Americans representing just 13 percent of the population.

Bachelet, however, is not interested in justice or “human rights,” or even racism, but rather in fundamentally transforming America. “The anger we have seen in the U.S., erupting as COVID-19 exposes glaring inequalities in society, shows why far-reaching reforms and inclusive dialogue are needed there to break the cycle of impunity for unlawful killings by police and racial bias in policing,” she claimed, peddling the demonstrable lie that there is impunity and systemic racism among police, and wanton lawless killings of innocent people in America.

Of course, the facts completely contradict the phony Deep State-media-UN narrative, as the Wall Street Journal documented in its recent piece “The Myth of Systemic Police Racism.” Consider the fact that over the last year, American police officers shot and killed a total of nine unarmed black men and 19 unarmed whites. While any innocents killed are too many, when put into perspective, in a nation of 330 million, that is hardly an epidemic requiring outside intervention.

Meanwhile, the data show “a police officer is 18 times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer,” the Journal reported. It added that over half of all homicides in America and 60 percent of robberies were committed by blacks, which explains in part why black Americans are more likely to encounter police. Studies have also revealed that police are more likely to shoot white suspects than black suspects.

Still, Bachelet, either oblivious to the facts or dishonestly peddling a false narrative, demanded that America submit to her decrees. “Procedures must change, prevention systems must be put in place, and above all police officers who resort to excessive use of force should be charged and convicted for the crimes committed,” she said, as if police officers were not already being charged and convicted in the rare instances when they abuse their power. All of the officers involved in Floyd’s death have already been charged.

More broadly, Bachelet said all of U.S. society would have to be transformed to conform with her vision of how America should be governed. “In addition, there must be a profound examination of a wide range of issues, including socio-economic factors and deep-seated discrimination,” she said, as if socialism and wealth redistribution were the answer to everything. “To move forward, communities must be able to participate in shaping decisions that affect them and be able to air their grievances.”

Bachelet tried to portray herself as a dispassionate and neutral observer simply concerned about justice and “human rights.” “This is the latest in a long line of killings of unarmed African Americans by U.S. police officers and members of the public,” she claimed in a statement last week, listing six black Americans who had been killed over the last decade. “The U.S. authorities must take serious action to stop such killings, and to ensure justice is done when they do occur.”

Of course, in the real world, American authorities at all levels have taken actions in accordance with the law and constitutional protections to deal with problems. For instance, the police officers involved in Floyd’s death have all been charged, with the primary suspect now being prosecuted for murder. Similarly, law enforcement and prosecutors have taken action in each of the other cases Bachelet mentioned — something she knows very well, or should know. Some have been freed by a jury of their peers. Secondly, these are mostly state and local issues, as most criminal law — including murder — is handled at the state level.

In the interest of appearing balanced, Bachelet did have a few words for her comrades rioting and looting in the streets while seeking to hijack and manipulate otherwise peaceful protesters into joining the revolution. “Violence and destruction of property won’t solve the problem of police brutality and entrenched discrimination,” she said. “I urge protesters to express their demands for justice peacefully, and I urge the police to take utmost care not to inflame the current situation even more with any further use of excessive force.”

Interestingly, even many black Americans with no sympathy at all for President Trump or even traditional America have started waking up. In a 2017 video that has gone viral in recent days, black activist Chaziel Sunz explains that far-left elites who do not care about black people are hoping to manipulate the black community into doing their “dirty work” and joining a civil war against America on U.S. soil. He also points out that Black Lives Matter is a front for Soros, the Clintons, and other elites, while Antifa is a “terrorist” group. They are setting black Americans up to be slaughtered, Sunz warned.

Indeed, as The New American and many other sources have documented, Soros and other globalist Deep State elites have long been financing AstroTurf movements designed to apply pressure from below. In 2016, for instance, hacked documents revealed that Soros’ Open Society Foundations had been showering money on Black Lives Matter and other far-left groups. The goal was to exploit the “unrest” following the death of Freddie Gray to “accelerate the dismantling of structural inequality generated and maintained by local law enforcement,” according to the hacked documents.

Almost $35 million in Soros money was provided to groups involved in the 2014 Ferguson riots, documents show. Indeed, convicted insider trader Soros, whose firm received its early funding from the Rothschild dynasty, has also backed dozens of organizations ranging from Occupy Wall Street to the Center for Community Change. The goals are always the same: undermine individual liberty, the U.S. Constitution, the God-given rights of all Americans, nationalize the police, destroy morality, abolish borders, and much more. Meanwhile, Soros has openly and repeatedly praised the mass-murdering Communist regime enslaving China, even claiming it has a “better functioning government” than the United States and that it should “own” the New World Order.

And all of that just scratches the surface. Numerous other establishment billionaires, especially including the Rockefeller dynasty, have also poured money into subversive movements aimed at duping young, naive, and indoctrinated Americans into joining the war against their own society and their own individual liberty. Alongside Soros, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg poured millions into creating a phony movement to disarm law-abiding Americans, too. Of course, the establishment propaganda organs such as CNN and MSNBC play a key role in helping whip up hysteria and a mob mentality, too. That is all to build pressure from below.

This is not a new strategy. The mass-murdering regime enslaving the Soviet Union launched a program in the early 1920s to radicalize black Americans, turn them against their nation, and use them as cannon fodder in a war to destroy the United States. In 1922, FBI and Soviet archives reveal, the Soviet regime approved a $300,000 program for promoting racial agitation and propaganda targeting black Americans. By 1930, the Communist Internationale (Comintern) passed a resolution calling for the establishment of a “Negro Republic” ruled from Moscow in America’s Southern states, Soviet and U.S. documents reveal.

More than a few leading black Communist Party USA operatives blew the whistle on these schemes, too. In the early 1960s, CPUSA defector Manning Johnson revealed that the communist leadership — which was extremely racist against blacks, he said — was working to exploit black Americans to wage war against their white compatriots. Republished in American Opinion as “Color, Communism, and Common Sense,” Manning’s revelations helped expose the operation. But communists never quit, of course.

FBI operative Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground, revealed that the terrorist group was literally plotting to re-educate tens of millions of Americans in concentration camps after destroying the government with help from foreign powers including Communist China. The group, which was working closely with Communist Cuban intelligence, planned to exterminate the millions of Americans who refused to submit. Barack Obama later launched his political career in the home of Weather Underground founder Bill Ayers, whose only regret, he said, was not setting more bombs.

The pressure from above is just as important, though. Despite the media misinformation, Bachelet is hardly a disinterested champion of human rights. Instead, she is an anti-Trump activist and subversive revolutionary with a long history of promoting brutal communist and socialist tyranny. When anti-communist military leaders in Chile responded to a call by Parliament to protect the nation from being enslaved by a would-be communist tyrant backed by the Soviet Union and Cuba, she fled to Communist East Germany — even as millions of enslaved Germans remained trapped behind the Berlin Wall, dubbed an “anti-fascist wall” by the regime, desperate to get out.

Among other evidence, consider also that Bachelet and her Chilean “Socialist” Party are key members of the dangerous Latin American communist network known as Foro de São Paulo (São Paulo Forum). Founded by Cuba’s Fidel Castro, the mass-murdering Sandinistas, the Marxist narco-terror group FARC, and Marxist criminal and former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva, the outfit’s members control many governments across Latin America. The group exists, according to its own documents, to enslave the region under communism. The U.S. government knows all about it. The FSP network illegally helped Bachelet win the presidential election in Chile, investigators revealed last year. UN boss António Guterres ran the Socialist International before taking the help of the UN.

Of course, Bachelet fits right in with the dictators’club that is the UN. Its vision of “human rights,” as enshrined in the disgraceful UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is completely at odds with the vision of America’s founders. In the Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers declared the fact that God endowed everyone with unalienable rights to be a self-evident truth. The UN, by contrast, makes clear even in the UDHR that there are no rights, only revocable privileges that can be limited under virtually any pretext, and that may “in no case” be used “contrary to the purposes and principles” of the UN.

Whether and how to reform police departments and policies is a question for local communities and state legislatures to consider, not communist activists at the UN. In fact, many of the problems in local policing stem from federal and UN intervention to begin with. These include the provision of military equipment and training programs from the federal government, as well discredited global prohibition schemes enshrined in UN agreements purporting to mandate large numbers of laws targeting American citizens.

Trump has already withdrawn the U.S. government from the discredited UN “Human Rights Council,” a parody of an agency that includes many of the most murderous regimes on planet Earth on its decision-making body. It is past time for the U.S. government to withdraw from the UN “dictators club” altogether, and evict its spy-infested headquarters from U.S. soil. Legislation to do that, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act, has already been filed in Congress. Now it is time for action.

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Alex Newman, a foreign correspondent for The New American, regularly attends UN and international summits. He can be reached at anewman@thenewamerican.com or through Liberty Sentinel Media. Follow him on Twitter at @ALEXNEWMAN_JOU or on Facebook.

Author: Alex Newman

Source: The New American: Amid Floyd Chaos, Marxist UN “Human Rights” Boss Targets U.S.