Ukraine’s Conflict With Russia Reaches Breaking Point, While Enduring Greatest Cyberattack in Country’s History


Russia is closer to an attack against Ukraine. The largest cyberattack on Ukraine targeted government sites and banks.

Bloomberg reports that DDoS (distributed Denial-of-Service attack) began Tuesday and continued through Wednesday. Experts suspect that websites belonging to the Defense Ministry were the target. Dia, which allows citizens to access digital copies of their passports and Covid vaccination certificates were also targeted.

DDoS attacks occur when many hacker computers visit a site at once, overwhelming it and making it malfunction.

One official in Ukraine claims that this was done to panic and destabilize the country.

This attack was unique because it was planned and prepared well in advance. Its main goal was to destabilize and sow panic in our country,” stated Mykhailo Federorov (Ukraine‚Äôs minister for digital transformation span>

Viktor Zhora, the deputy head for State Service for Special Communication and Information Protection is Viktor Zhora. He believes that the attack’s scale indicates that it was carried out by a country with resources. Even though he didn’t claim that it was Russia, evidence suggests that Russian intelligence may have been involved in past attacks.

It was remarkable that no money was stolen from the hacking banking accounts. This led SerhiiDemedyuk (Deputy Secretary to National Security Council) to conclude that the hacking was psychological. For example, in 2015, a cyberattack caused severe damage to the electricity supply of more than 200,000 customers. One year later, a cyberattack temporarily shut down a northern Kyiv power plant. The 2020 charges of the U.S. Department of Justice state that those attacks were orchestrated by GRU, a Russian intelligence agency.

DDoS attacks are common every day according to Doug Madory (director of internet analysis at Kentik Inc. The context in which these attacks took place is perhaps the most fascinating thing about yesterday’s attacks.

Madory suggested that disruptions in payments to the Ukrainian Army could be an alternative option to armed conflict.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict could be a series of DDoS attacks against banks and the website of the UA army. This scenario is likely to be better than armed conflict.

Moscow has not yet claimed to be behind the cyberattack on Ukraine. There are however many indications that Moscow is involved in the cyberattack against Ukraine.

The recent Russian troop movements into Ukraine have been called a minor intrusion. War is preparing for Ukraine’s door.