Ukraine Finally Gets Weapons After Emergency NATO Meeting


NATO met Thursday to discuss Russia’s atrocious, increasingly horrific invasion of Ukraine. It wasn’t just NATO countries who were present, there were also observers: Sweden, Finland, Georgia, South Korea, Australia, and the European Union (EU). If Putin was concerned about being surrounded, he should have looked at his map. Just to remind him, Russia and Japan still have an unresolved boundary dispute. Russia also conducts military drills on the disputed islands. To confirm the stereotype that the Germans either are at your throat, or at your heel, the German Foreign Minister left before the deadline.

Weaponry was the main topic. Most of the weaponry supplied to Ukraine has been defensive in nature. It has not been able to tip the balance. A Russian withdrawal to the February 23rd line in most of Ukraine would be the best scenario. Donbas could experience a 1916-style stalemate, which would allow Russia to surrender large areas of territory and reward Putin for his land grab strategies.

The fact that Ukraine’s Foreign Minister declared his intentions was an important indicator of the theme.

NATO countries, particularly those from the Warsaw Pact began taking action even before the meeting ended. They were leaving behind the German-dominated NATO hierarchy.

Australia had already committed to sending at least 20 Bushmasters to Ukraine from their version MRAP.

The conference saw the end of a logjam.

Today, Poland said that large numbers of its T72 tanks would be transferred to Ukraine. More importantly, Slovakia will also transfer its S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Ukraine.

The S-300 transfer battery consists of four launchers. It makes up 100% of Slovakia’s air defense capability.

The government announced the unprecedented decision to announce the decision by a Slovakian prime minister personally.

Prime Minister Heger made a bold announcement. The Russians threatened to attack any attempt to move the S-300 from Slovakia to Ukraine because it was so disturbing.

The S-300 could be a game-changer because 1) the Russian Air Force is incredibly inept at attacking air-to-air missile sites and 2) the system has a range that allows targets to engage within a matter of seconds after takeoff from Russian or Belarusian bases.

It appeared that the meeting would signal an improvement in NATO’s approach since February.

Hopeful observers believe that a peaceful solution will be found. Vladimir Putin will repress and kill in masse for this.

NATO must remember that Putin cannot win the war. We have to show our willingness to defend NATO territory and provide resources. We must establish a long-term strategy for smart containment to stop Russia’s aggression.

She seems to be right. Putin’s fear of NATO isn’t based on Russia’s threat. It is driven primarily because NATO restricts Putin’s imperial ambitions. Do not think that peace in Ukraine can ever be achieved. This is not because Russia or Putin don’t consider Ukraine legitimate. They will try again to dismember it. (read Kremlin Newspaper: Putin Confidant Endorses Genocide to be Russia’s Final Solution for Ukraine Issue span>

Russia must understand that Ukraine is equipped with equal weapons and that its people are ready to fight for their homeland.