Two Journalists From Wapo And CNN Agree With Jemele, Trump Voters Are Racist

By Joseph A. Wulfsohn July 22, 2020 | Image Source: Fox News

The Atlantic staff writer Jemele Hill stirred up controversy on social media after declaring that anyone who votes for President Trump is a “racist.”

Hill has been a longtime critic of the president, who she previously called a “white supremacist.” Her outspokenness prompted her 2018 exit from ESPN as a host.

Now, Hill is taking aim at his supporters.

“If you vote for Donald Trump, you are a racist. You have no wiggle room,” Hill tweeted on Sunday.


Hill faced a backlash from some parts of Twitter.

“You’re going to think white conservatives are racist whether they vote for Donald Trump or not. Thankfully, they’re not wondering what you think,” conservative podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey reacted.

“Anyone who believes this drivel is a BIGOT. No wiggle room,” actor Dean Cain wrote.

“We won’t be intimidated by your bigotry. Casting generalized judgment upon a vast group of people, without regard to real evidence or the actual character of individuals, is pure prejudice. Hence, you’re a bigot @jemelehill,” pro-Trump PAC America First spokesman Steve Cortes similarly tweeted.

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, invoked former Vice President Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” remark in a sarcastic tweet correcting Hill.

“No, no, it’s ‘you’re not black.’ Gotta get Biden’s racist, condescending talking points right….” Cruz said.

Outkick founder and sports journalist Clay Travis, who previously called for Hill to be fired when she was still a host on ESPN, took aim at the Disney-owned sports network, which is collaborating with Hill on a docuseries about former NFL player Colin Kaepernick.

“ESPN is paying Jemele Hill millions of dollars to produce a Colin Kaepernick documentary to air on @espn. Yet they’ve been silent since she called all @realDonaldTrump voters racist. There’s only one conclusion to draw. ESPN agrees with her,” Travis accused the sports network.

Others mocked the Atlantic staff writer with a 2017 tweet in which Hill admitted that her mother voted for Trump and had been voting Republican since 2000.

However, The Washington Post’s Global Opinions Editor Karen Attiah expressed solidarity with Hill.

“Voting for Trump is a choice to aid and abet racism and white supremacy,” Attiah wrote. “And yes, some minorities can (and do) reinforce systemic white supremacy.”

She added, “Anyway. @jemelehill is the truth.”

CNN’s Keith Boykin also defended Hill from her critics and sided with her statement.

“If you’re mad at Jemele Hill for calling you a racist but you’re not mad at Donald Trump for actually being a racist, then you just prove her point that Trump supporters are racists,” Boykin tweeted.

Hill told her Twitter followers last week that she will be working on Kaepernick’s multi-platform deal with Disney, calling it an “honor to play any role in telling Colin’s story.”

“I have always known Colin is on the right side of history and this is an opportunity to make sure history continues to always reflects that,” the Atlantic staff writer tweeted. “Colin’s vision for this collaboration isn’t just about content, but empowerment. He was adamant that his work be surrounded by black and brown voices. It also was important for me to use my influence to elevate these voices, particularly inside of ESPN. I am truly grateful.”

Author: Joseph A. Wulfsohn

Source: Fox News: Two journalists, from The Washington Post and CNN, agree with Jemele Hill’s claim that Trump voters are ‘racist’