Trumps Not Letting DACA Ruling Go. Will Refile Order Soon

By Anders Hagstrom June 22, 2020 | Image Source: Daily Caller

President Trump says he will refile his executive attempt to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program “soon,” Fox News reported Saturday.

Trump reportedly made the statement in an interview with Fox News prior to his speech in Tulsa, Okla. on Saturday night. The promise came just days after the Supreme Court struck down Trump’s initial attempt to end the program via executive order. DACA grants a path to citizenship for those who are brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

The conservative-appointed Chief Justice John Roberts joined with the court’s liberal wing to create a majority in the decision. Roberts explained his reasoning in the majority opinion.

“The dispute before the Court is not whether DHS may rescind DACA. All parties agree that it may,” Roberts wrote in the opinion. “The dispute is instead primarily about the procedure the agency followed in doing so.”

“We do not decide whether DACA or its rescission are sound policies,” Roberts continued. “We address only whether the agency complied with the procedural requirement that it provide a reasoned explanation for its action. Here the agency failed to consider the conspicuous issues of whether to retain forbearance and what if anything to do about the hardship to DACA recipients. That dual failure raises doubts about whether the agency appreciated the scope of its discretion or exercised that discretion in a reasonable manner. The appropriate recourse is therefore to remand to DHS so that it may consider the problem anew.”

Trump has not clarified how he would adjust his strategy to avoid another loss in the Supreme Court.

Author: Anders Hagstrom

Source: Daily Caller: REPORT: Trump Will Refile Order Ending DACA ‘Soon’