Trump Touts Strides In Combating Drug Trafficking With SOUTHCOM

By OAN Newsroom July 12, 2020 | Image Source: OANN

President Trump recently praised military and law enforcement agencies that have been a part of SOUTHCOM’s enhanced counter-narcotic operations. During a briefing at the U.S. Southern Command in Florida, the president discussed how increased efforts to stop the flow of narcotics across the Western Hemisphere have already made a huge difference.

According to him, thousands of drug traffickers have been arrested and billions of dollars in narcotics have been seized since he launched the mission in April this year.

The president added his administration will continue these efforts.

President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing on counternarcotics operations at U.S. Southern Command, Friday, July 10, 2020, in Doral, Fla. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

“With the help of the heroes here at SOUTHCOM, Coast Guard, CBP, DEA and law enforcement will work relentlessly to seize illegal drugs, arrest vile traffickers, …and dismantle criminal cartels that are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans,” he said.

The president stressed protecting our borders in Central America, South America and the Caribbean has saved lives and made communities safer.

Author: OAN Newsroom

Source: OANN: President Trump Touts Strides In Combating Drug Trafficking With SOUTHCOM