Trump Says People Are Liking Me More Than Ever As He Mulls 2024 Run

By Caitlin McFall June 28, 2021 | Image Source: Fox News

Former President Donald Trump still hasn’t decided whether he’ll attempt a 2024 presidential comeback but said he’s taking into consideration what he claims is his growing popularity.

Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday he believes he is drawing in more supporters due to the actions of the Biden administration on a number of issues, including immigration, climate change, and rising gasoline prices.

“We’ll be making a decision on 2024, but if you look at the numbers, people are liking me more than ever before, and I think the reason is they’re watching what is happening with our country,” Trump said. “And I guess it is making me very popular.”

Trump also said he would be active in endorsing more candidates in 2022 and beyond, insisting his approval is the best way to secure a victory for any GOP hopeful.

This contrasts with President Joe Biden’s comments on Monday, who said he believes the Republican Party is weaker after four years of Trump in the White House.

“I think it’s appropriate to say that the Republican Party is vastly diminished in numbers,” Biden said during a news conference in Brussels.

Biden has signaled he plans to run for reelection in 2024, but he would be 82 years old by that time. Trump would be 78 years old if he chose to run again.

Author: Mica Soellner

Source: Washington Examiner: Trump says ‘people are liking me more than ever’ as he mulls 2024 run