Trump Praises Secret Service Professionalism With Protesters

By Kambree Nelson June 01, 2020 | Image Source: The Conservative Opinion

Saturday morning, President Trump tweeted:

Great job last night at the White House by the U.S. @SecretService. They were not only totally professional, but very cool. I was inside, watched every move, and couldn’t have felt more safe. They let the “protesters” scream & rant as much as they wanted, but whenever someone….

….got too frisky or out of line, they would quickly come down on them, hard – didn’t know what hit them. The front line was replaced with fresh agents, like magic. Big crowd, professionally organized, but nobody came close to breaching the fence. If they had they would….

Per TheHill, the president also took a swipe at Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser (D), saying she is “always looking for money & help” but asserting that she would not allow D.C. police officers to get involved in the altercation outside the White House, alleging she said it was a jurisdictional issue.

The Washington Post reported that Secret Service, U.S. Park Police and D.C. police officers all appeared to be on the scene as officers pushed protesters through Lafayette Park across from the White House. The Hill has reached out to the mayor’s office for comment.

Protesters were seen throwing water bottles and other objects toward a line of officers, who were continually erecting new metal barriers throughout the night to try to hold demonstrators at bay. A number of protesters were pepper sprayed during the demonstration.

Trump has long urged law enforcement officers to be rougher with protesters or those they’ve detained, saying during a speech to law enforcement officers in 2017 that they shouldn’t be “too nice.”

“Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put their hand over? Like, ‘don’t hit their head’ – and they’ve just killed somebody – ‘don’t hit their head.’ I said, you can take the hand away, OK?” Trump said in the address in Long Island.


Author: Kambree Nelson

Source: The Conservative Opinion: Trump praises Secret Service after hours-long confrontation with protesters