Trump Judges Just Ruined Joe Biden’s Day – The President’s Pen And Phone Policies Are Getting Erased

By Daniel Ottomire June 30, 2021 | Image Source: American Journal Daily

What’s Happening:

With Joe Biden running the D.C. swamp , it falls to constitutionally-minded judges to hold him in place.

Biden, like his mentor Obama, thinks he can govern with his “pen and phone.”

That means Biden wants to use executive orders to bypass Congress and force his will onto the country.

But that’s not how it works. The president is not supposed to be a king or a dictator.

Thankfully, Trump left Biden hundreds of gifts to prevent the Democrat from getting drunk with power.

From Fox News:

Judges appointed by former President Trump have stymied President Biden’s policies on multiple fronts in the early months of the new administration…

It’s very early in the new administration with many court cases against other Biden policies yet to be decided – and the decisions against the president could still be overturned by higher courts. But Trump-appointed judges have ruled against the president on immigration, COVID relief, the environment and more.

Right away, Biden started signing orders to force his agenda.

He didn’t wait to go through Congress. He literally signed forty orders on his first day–more than any other president.

Clearly, Biden (and the people giving him orders) aren’t interested in following the Constitution to get things done.

He, much like Obama, is exploiting his executive power to push through plans few Americans would agree to.

But frequently, we’ve seen Trump-appointed judges freeze him in his tracks.

They have been able to halt orders by Biden on major issues. That includes radical regulation on the environment (that would destroy jobs).

And numerous cases are currently going through the courts that could decide Biden’s ongoing disaster at the border.

Trump broke records, appointing hundreds of federal judges (not to mention three Supreme Court justices).

In many ways, these judges are the only thing stopping Biden from becoming a full-blown socialist dictator.

Now you know why Democrats are trying to undermine the judicial system so much.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trump-appointed judges have been blocking Biden’s “pen and phone” agenda.
  • They have ruled against the Democrat on major issues from his platform
  • Trump appointed a record number of judges during his first term.

Author: Daniel Ottomire

Source: American Journal Daily: Trump Judges Just Ruined Joe Biden’s Day – The President’s ‘Pen and Phone’ Policies Are Getting Erased