Trump Gives Washington Swamp A Wake-Up Call

By Daniel Ottomire August 13, 2021 | Image Source: American Journal Daily

What’s Happening:
Despite Trump’s warnings, some Senate Republicans voted to pass the infamous “infrastructure” bill.

We’ve learned that this bill will only provide a small amount of infrastructure funding. The rest are radical proposals aimed at pushing the Green New Deal and welfare.

But that’s far from the end of the story. We are seeing that this “bipartisan” deal was just a Trojan horse for the left’s radical socialist package.

The second bill will cost over $3.5 trillion. And Democrats want to force it through without one Republican vote.

Now, Donald Trump is calling on Americans to “wake up.”

From The Hill:

Former President Trump on Wednesday ripped Senate Democrats’ efforts to advance a $3.5 trillion spending package, calling it a “Communist Plan to Destroy America” and urging Americans to “wake up.

“It raises taxes like we have never seen, while also making many things you buy everyday more expensive (gas, groceries, and much more),” he continued. “And don’t forget the crazy Green New Deal.”

“America, you are being robbed in the dark of night,” he wrote. “It’s time to wake up!”

Donald Trump urged Americans to wake up and oppose Biden’s radical spending bill.

The $3.5 trillion spending package is the largest expansion of the welfare state we’ve seen since FDR.

It is nothing more than a socialist agenda, masked as “aid.”

He warned Americans that the bill will raise taxes “like we’ve never seen.” At the same time, it will make everyday products we buy much more expensive, thanks to regulations and government interference.

Trump warned that the “bipartisan” bill was just setting the stage for this other bill. And he was right.

Democrats are determined to force through this bill, using the reconciliation process. That process would bypass Republican votes, as it only needs 51 to pass.

Republicans could have halted this bill by refusing to support the bipartisan bill. Instead, 19 Republicans bowed to the D.C. swamp to vote for it.

Now, Democrats are going to thank them for that support by stabbing them in the back with this toxic bill.

The only hope this toxic bill won’t be passed is if a few Democrats oppose it. Right now, moderates like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema have expressed doubts over this bill. But that can change.

Those Republicans that supported the left might soon regret it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Donald Trump warned Americans over the left’s $3.5 trillion spending package.
  • He called on the country to wake up and oppose this radical socialist agenda.
  • The bill will raise taxes and increase the cost of everyday goods, just for starters.

Author:Daniel Ottomire

Source: American Journal Daily: Trump Gives Washington Swamp A Wake-Up Call – Donald Pulls Apart The Democrat Spending Bill