Trump Does Not Have To Concede To Biden

By Morgan Phillips November 14, 2020 | Image Source: Fox News

President Donald Trump does not need to concede to Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, since conceding a lost election is a custom in the U.S. but is not required by law, according to CNN.

The network reported earlier on Friday that sources close to the president said he is standing by his claims that Democrats are “stealing” the election and is not planning to concede to his opponent, even as Biden makes gains in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

The two elements to a concession are a call to the victor and a speech to supporters.

In recent years, Democrat Hillary Clinton called Trump to concede and addressed her supporters after her loss was imminent in 2016 — though she advised Biden not to do so if the election results were in any way close this year.

Former Vice President Al Gore in 2000 conceded to President George W. Bush 36 days after the election when the Supreme Court ended recounts and also gave a speech to the nation following the loss.

Even if it becomes clear to Trump’s advisers, Republicans in Congress, and Vice President Mike Pence that the president has lost to Biden, he still may not acknowledge his loss in the way other candidates have traditionally done so, reports CNN.

Author: Surya Gowda

Source: News Max: Trump Does Not Have to Concede to Biden