Trump Did Not Have COVID Before Debate With Biden

By Red State Observer Staff November 01, 2021 | Image Source: Red State Observer

In the wake of reports, liberal media panicked. Former White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows’ book reveals that Trump tested positive for COVID just days before his first debate against Joe Biden.

Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, mentioned Trump’s claim of having COVID prior to Wednesday’s White House press briefing. She said that Trump didn’t share information with anyone he was going with about the fact that he had tested positive.

In a Wednesday morning statement, Trump refuted the allegations.

Trump stated, “The story that I had COVID before, or during, my first debate is Fake news. A test showed that I didn’t have COVID before the debate.”

Meadows discussed the reports Wednesday night and agreed to Trump’s conclusions.

“I believe that the president claimed it was fake news. Meadows was asked Wednesday night by Rob Schmitt, a Newsmax anchor.

Mark Meadows responded, “Well, the President’s right, that’s fake news.”

The book’s context is clear. That story was a false negative. Literally, he took a test and had two more tests that confirmed that he did not have COVID during the debate. Yet, the media want to spin it in a negative way about Donald Trump while still giving Joe Biden credit.

Schmitt said, “So, the story is that this was a fake positive, you got negative one after that, but that the first was a true positive?”

Meadows said, “That’s right.”