Trump Aide Katrina Pierson Just Took The Wind Outta Kamala’s Sails

By Missy Crane January 25, 2021 | Image Source: Waynedupree

The left’s kooky and crazy policies and ideologies are already coming back to bite them in the rear.

Thanks to the propaganda state-run media, and insane Democrats who supposedly “trust the science,” we now have a society that pushes 76 genders, thinks men masquerading as women can suddenly have menstrual cycles, white people are black, black people are white supremacists, violent communist anarchists are doing “good,” and illegal aliens are the most patriotic Americans in the world.

It’s like we’re living in some crazy Twilight Zone episode where everything normal is crazy and the inmates are calling all the shots inside the asylum.

I guess the only good thing in all of this mess, is that it’s a great opportunity to call out the insanity and educate Americans on how silly and dangerous all of this liberal stuff truly is.

And former Trump aide Katrina Pierson is doing just that – and she’s having some fun to boot.

Katrina posted a great meme of Kamala Harris — and it really calls out all of this liberal nonsense perfectly.

The meme she posted includes two pics of Kamala, with the following message:

“When you’re the first female vice president but can’t claim it since your party doesn’t recognize genders”

Absolutely spot on and brilliant.

It may seem like no big deal to share a ‘meme’ but we have to use every single tool in our arsenal to beat these communists and win the culture war.

So, yes, a “silly” meme can be very powerful when it has such a solid message.

There’s a good rule of thumb — you’re not winning when you’re explaining.

Let’s keep the Dems always explaining. Trust me, they’ll talk themselves into circles trying to explain their goofy and dangerous policies, beliefs, and agendas.

The reason the left is able to push this nonsense is that they frame their messaging. When we successfully push back, their foundation crumbles.

Author: Missy Crane

Source: Waynedupree: Trump Aide Katrina Pierson Just Took The Wind Outta Kamala’s Sails