‘They Have Been There For Us’: Trump, Team Praised By New Jersey Governor

By Scott Morefield May 04, 2020 | Image Source: Daily Caller

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy praised President Donald Trump and his team, stating in a “Fox News Sunday” interview that they “have been there for us” during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Coming off a Thursday Oval Office meeting in which Murphy also was complimentary of the federal response, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace asked if his “good relationship” with the president “has made a difference in terms of what New Jersey has gotten.”

“You met with President Trump this week and I think it’s fair to say that you’re getting along better with the president than almost any other Democratic governor,” Wallace said. “He announced this week he’s sending New Jersey half a million new tests, 750,000 swabs. Do you think that your good, personal relationship with the president has made a difference in terms of what New Jersey has gotten?”

Murphy pointed out that he and the president have found “common ground.”

“Let there be no doubt about it,” he said. “The president knows New Jersey. He and his team have been extremely responsive in our hour of need, whether it was ventilators, as you rightfully point out, we’ve got a huge amount of supplies to test. We’re getting personal protective equipment just the other day, confirmed direct to our nursing homes. We just announced $1.7 billion into our hospital systems.”

“Listen, I think we’ve been able to find common ground again based on the science, based on the facts and the reality and in our hour of need,” he continued. “I have to thank the president and his team. They have been there for us. And I appreciate that enormously.”

Author: Scott Morefield

Source: Daily Caller: New Jersey Governor: President Trump And Team ‘Have Been There For Us’ During Pandemic