The Sky is Falling on the Kremlin’s Propaganda Wall in an Unpredicted Place


Russia 1. is Russia’s most viewed news program. It is hosted and produced by Vladimir Solovyev, a pro-Putin propagandist, and pro-Russian propagandist. His villas in Italy were also taken by sanctions. Solovyev began ranting furiously on his TV program.

His show has featured recent guests asking questions about the war in Ukraine. This is remarkable considering Russia 1’s solid support for the invasion.

Some guests even asked Putin for an end to the war.

Telegraph: Russian state television broadcast calls for Vladimir Putin to stop his war in Ukraine. This was in a program where pundits openly compared Russia’s invasion to “Afghanistan” and worse. Vladimir Solovyev, a trusted chief propagandist for the Kremlin, had to interrupt his guests during his prime-time TV talk show to end their criticisms about Russia’s invasion.

Karen Shakhnazarov, a filmmaker and pundit, said that Russia could be isolated by the conflict in Ukraine.

He told Mr. Soloviyev that it was hard for him to envision taking cities like Kyiv. It is hard to imagine how it would look.

Yes, Mr. Solovyev is blaming America for Russia’s current problems. Not all criticism directed at Putin is common.

Daily Beast: The host disapproved of the departure from the official line and referred to the commander-in-chief. “I am not panicking. “I don’t panic.

Soloviev grumbled angrily, “Gotcha. All we should do is lie down and die.” ”

Shakhnazarov is a state TV pundit and filmmaker who believes civil war could result in the Ukraine fiasco.

This could cause a shift in Russian public opinion, and destabilize our power structures.

Russian state TV has shaped public opinion. It must be shocking for the Russian people to hear people talking about doom, gloom, and win-win situations.

State TV analysts had predicted that Russia would take over Ukraine within hours or days. Soloviev was stunned by the resistance of the Ukrainians and stated that they had been armed with every weapon one could imagine for 18 years.

Soloviev stated: “This terrifying war is being waged to defeat America.” ”

While it may seem absurd to speak of civil war in Russia it is an indication that something is different about Russian culture.

President Zelenskyy’s government is encouraged by the crack in the media monolith. It is possible to end the war and preserve most of Ukraine’s sovereignty.

This would indicate that Vladimir Putin’s fall is certain.