The Sad State of Joe Biden’s Career, Highlighted by Tucker Carlson


Joe Biden’s utility has ended. Biden was once the key to power. But now, the key is gone and the door has been opened, he’s no longer useful and can be ignored or even forgotten.

It was sad to see the President trying to get attention or recognition after his visit to the White House with Barack Obama. He is the leader of the free world, and those closest to him were not paying attention to him. He was unable to grab attention from the man for whom he was vice-President, and you could see that he felt pain.

Biden fulfilled his purpose, and now he is being eaten by the monster that he helped to create. It was just a matter of time. Biden was corrupt and lived a corrupt lifestyle. Biden was not the smartest or most intelligent man in the room. His power, like many Democrats, came from his ability to say what he was told when he was told. His only advantage over other Democrats, at least until the 2020 elections, was his ability to use a name that people knew. He was the VP to Obama, which was the most popular presidency for Democrats ever.

It was a life that was useful. When one is no longer valued for their usefulness, they are discarded as tools.

In his latest monologue, Tucker Carlson of Fox News made this clear. Carlson likened Biden to the slowest of a pack of wild dogs on Monday night’s program. He’s now too frail and old to be trusted by the pack, and they are trying to kill him.

Tucker said, “It’s not personal.” It’s about group survival, and that’s how the Democratic Party works. The party doesn’t care about individuals. All that matters is the group. Joe Biden is not the only thing that matters to the DNC.

Carlson said, “On some level, Joe Biden knows that.” He’s been a member of the Democratic Party all his life. He has never worked for the Democratic Party so he knows how it ends. After 50 years of service, it’s his turn to be expelled.”

Biden should be retiring. Biden should never have run for office in the first instance. We discussed his cognitive decline well into the general election.  More important than how it looks on Biden, is how it looks on us.

He’s our leader, even though he’s not a leader. We are reflected in every flubbed statement, every quick retreat from the press afterward, every cold shoulder, and failure to explain our own actions. America appears weak and fragile. The evidence is in the way that elements of the world are acting up now, whether it’s migrants flooding across the border or crime spikes all over the country, and dictators waging unjustified wars.

Biden’s departure should be a top priority for everyone, regardless of their reasons. While the Democrats feel they are losing power with Biden at the helm, they are correct. However, Americans should be ready to let him go because of his lackluster leadership and danger to all Americans and everyone abroad.

Biden is unlikely to lose the election. Biden will be “ides of March” by the Democrats, which is a sad end for any man. It is clear that they don’t care about him, and they want him out. Even when he begs for attention, they snub him.

Biden is an old, lonely, confused, and sad man. He can only watch helplessly as his party consumes him and throws him out.