The ‘Nu’ Covid Variant, Have You Heard?

By Charlie McCarthy November 01, 2021 | Image Source: News Max

Did you hear? A new coronavirus variant has been released. It is faster, stronger, more lethal, and larger than any other coronavirus variant ever discovered. It is called the “Nu” variant, as nu is the 13th Greek letter and this is the 13th discovered variant.

How can we be so unlucky?

This is absurd. Scientists have not compared the Nu and Delta variants in a race, so we don’t know if they are really faster. My money is on Nu.

Is the Nu variant immune to vaccines? We don’t know.

Is it spreading faster than the Delta version? We don’t know.

Are they more likely to be killed than other varieties? We don’t know.

Do you see a pattern?

Can you get the Nu vaccine if you are already vaccinated? We don’t know. We don’t know.

The Nu variant is actually a blessing because it fulfills the first rule of the left’s hysteria machine, which is to never let a crisis pass by. Number 2 is: If a crisis doesn’t exist, make one.

The New York Timesreporting highlights the “similarities” with other mutated coronavirus strains — which isn’t necessarily scary, but it sure does sound scary.

It’s not just the markets that have been disrupted. So has travel.

Are countries being prudent? Are they being too cautious? A little caution is needed at this stage. Stock analysts are paid to be cautious when it comes to the markets.

The media will not be able to provide a reasoned analysis of what is happening with this variant. The truth can easily be lost when the desire to reach more people becomes all that matters. The real-world consequences of continuing unnecessarily to frighten people in order to increase ratings or page views will only further undermine the trust between news producers and readers.