The Cuomo’s Continue to Show Their Corrupt Actions


Chris Cuomo repeatedly denied that he was helping Gov. Andrew Cuomo was actually helping to fight the women who made the sex claims. New York Attorney General’s Office released text messages showing CNN’s Cuomo communicating with Melissa DeRosa, the governor’s top assistant. He claimed that he did not communicate with her regularly. Different messages are shown on pages.

CNN also claimed that Cuomo was banned from helping his brother with these allegations. The texts show him writing responses to the governor and attacking the women with the words, “I’ve got a lead on the bride girl” referring to Anne Ruche who claims that the former governor groped and took photos of her at a wedding. Chris Cuomo was aware that he was doing something wrong. He sent a text message saying, “Delete thread now.”

Cuomo claimed that he didn’t talk to Melissa DeRosa often under threat of perjury. Will Cuomo be charged, as his texts proved him to be a liar? It’s doubtful. It’s doubtful.

Chris Cuomo was clearly involved in the scandal beyond simply listening. It appears that he used his connections to find information for Governor Cuomo’s crisis team.

Andrew Cuomo was investigated by a committee that found “overwhelming evidence of sexual misconduct.” The governor resigned, and Lieutenant Governor was appointed. Kathy Hochul assumed the governor’s post. Now that the full report has been released, will the CNN anchor be held responsible for the lies he told throughout the scandal? What was his extent in using his CNN access to find dirt on the victims? It is not clear who else was aware of it or when they discovered it. CNN should be interested in all of these things. But, will they?