The Associated Press, Strange View on Biden’s Latest Falsehood


Joe Biden, as previously reported, spoke out about his plan to release one million barrels per day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over 180 days. He then said that he would be fining oil firms and using the Defense Production Act, to order private companies to produce “secure American Production of Critical Materials to Boost Our Clean Energy Economy,” specifically the raw materials for making electric vehicles.

Biden cannot pass legislation to enforce his green energy agenda so he is trying to get it through the backdoor: draining our supply and having the government conscript labor to pick winners or losers. Green energy will receive help, while fossil fuels will be punished.

How does he spin this terrible idea for Americans? Biden says you will save money. Yesterday, Biden claimed that Americans could save $80 per month on gas. This is assuming you can afford the $55,000 electric car.

He also spread another lie: that Americans could save approximately $500 per month if they used heat pumps or solar energy to power their homes. The White House had to immediately clean up the mess, claiming that people could save $500 per year, not a month.

This is the fifth time that a Biden statement has been walked back in the last few weeks. To clean up the mess left by Biden, the White House must do more than a maid service.

They have their media operatives to help them, so don’t be afraid. Biden was rescued by the Associated Press, who claimed that he had “misspoke”.

The AP did point out that the average person spent far less than $500 on energy each month — that most Americans paid less than $120 per month for their electric bills. They don’t mention that Biden’s statement didn’t make sense, but it was still said by Joe Biden.

It is not only straight-up false but also shows Biden doesn’t understand what Americans pay or what he is actually saying. He isn’t “misspoke”, he’s either lying to fool Americans or deceiving them. If Biden doesn’t know the average American’s cost of living, it’s a serious problem. If he’s so cognitively impaired that it is difficult for him to understand, this is a serious problem. Biden’s inflation is already costing us thousands of dollars a year, and I doubt they are claiming $500 per year.

I am tired of the fact-checkers playing this game: When it’s Joe Biden or any other Democrats, you need to have a little more context to understand it or make it true. It’s a lie when it is. If it’s a Republican, it can be a lie, even if it is in context. It’s also untrue if it is incorrect. Given the spin of many of the liberal fact-checks, I suppose we should consider it lucky that they at least recognized it was wrong. But I’m done with all of the spins.

Are they assuming that we don’t have the ability to see what’s happening? Is it not a wonder that no one trusts their ‘fact-checks,’ or them? How many “misspeaks” equals a lie? How many times will we have to see this, or have the White House rush to save him before we can say that it’s more than just a “misspeak” — there’s a big problem in the White House. It’s Joe Biden.

People didn’t buy that he was just “misspoke,” it was obvious.

And can we even estimate how much it would cost to purchase all that expensive, clean-energy equipment for that small annual savings?

It’s like telling people who are already feeling stressed by rising gas prices, “hey, you can just go out and purchase a $55,000 Tesla.” It’s ridiculous.