Taliban Order Kabul Women To Exit The Workforce

By Asher Notheis September 20, 2021 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

The Taliban ordered women in Kabul to leave the workforce on Sunday, telling them to stay home pending a further decision.

Interim Kabul Mayor Hamdullah Namony made the announcement during his first news conference since the Taliban appointed him. Namony said that Kabul women must stay home regardless of employment status. There will be exceptions made for women who cannot be replaced by men, including some in the design and engineering departments and attendants of public toilets for women, according to the Associated Press.

“There are some areas that men can’t do it, we have to ask our female staff to fulfill their duties, there is no alternative for it,” Namony said.

Prior to the Taliban’s takeover in August, Namony said that almost 3,000 of Kabul’s workers were women, roughly one-third of the city’s workforce, the Associated Press reported.

The Taliban also replaced a women’s ministry with the “Ministries of Prayer and Guidance and the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice” in Kabul on Friday after weeks of ordering women who had shown up for work to go home.

Sayed Zekrullah Hashimi, a spokesman for the Taliban, said in an interview on Sept. 9 that women are incapable of performing government duties , as doing so would “put something on her neck that she cannot carry.”

The Taliban’s removal of women’s roles in the workforce comes after the Taliban overtook Afghanistan as the United States withdrew forces from the country.

During the withdrawal, thousands of U.S. residents were left behind, including a pregnant woman who was beaten by the Taliban . Roughly 70% of Americans said they felt “shame” over the handling of the withdrawal.

Author: Asher Notheis

Source: Washington Examiner: Taliban order Kabul women to exit workforce