Star Parker Explains Why Trump Is Good For Black People

By Mike Brest December 26, 2020 | Image Source: Post and Courier

Star Parker, the founder and president of Urban Cure, explained her opinion as to why black people are supporting President Donald Trump during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night.

Parker founded the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), which describes itself as “a Washington D.C. based public policy institute that promotes market-based solutions to fight poverty.”

“They’ve been loyal to the Democratic Party because blacks have bought this idea of activist government, but something very exciting is happening now with Trump in office. The Trump Administration is focusing on urban communities and initiatives so we have two things happening right now that are very, very exciting,” Parker said.

“First of all, the millennial does not buy this ‘racism behind every rock’ narrative of the Democratic Party because their friends are diverse. They’ve grown up in a society post-civil rights era, so they don’t know that world at all,” she continued. “But secondly, they’re individualist. They like uniqueness. We can see them in the tattoos that they wear. So this whole idea of collectivism and big government doesn’t work for them as well.”

“If you are an African American voter and your family has been in this country for 400 years, a long time in a lot of cases, and all of a sudden your party is telling you that the real concern is people who aren’t even here legally, foreign nationals from other countries, do you ask yourself at some point but what about me, the American citizen? Does that turn off voters at a certain point?” Carlson asked.

Parker responded, “It’s not only turning them off that this hijacking of the civil rights movement is taking place for legal minorities, but illegals are even more frustrating because now you are looking at an environment to where you have that low-wage worker competing for jobs in communities and against people who will not speak English, so it’s not only affecting the real low-wage, it’s affecting the middle class.”

Author: Mike Brest

Source: Daily Caller: Star Parker Explains Why Trump Is Good For Black People