Sheriff On Larry Elder’s Gorilla Mask Assailant: How Is This Not A Hate Crime


The gorilla mask-wearing woman who threw an egg at California recall candidate Larry Elder and slapped his security guard should be charged with a hate crime, said Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

The unidentified woman was seen in a viral video riding a bicycle next to Elder and his guards after a campaign event in Venice Beach. She threw an egg that narrowly missed Elder’s head, and then she slapped a security guard.

“QUESTION: How is this not a hate crime?” Villanueva tweeted Thursday.

“ANSWER: Because ‘woke privilege’ means a white woman can wear a gorilla mask and attack a black man without fear of being called a racist. Where is the outrage from our politicians? #Hypocrisy #WokePrivilege @LarryElder @GavinNewsom.”

The tweet was followed with a response by former Democratic state Sen. Gloria Romero, an Elder supporter, who listed several politicians who have been silent on the attack so far.

“Thank you, Sheriff, for calling it out. Where’s @LAdemocrats @latimes @LAPDChiefMoore @GavinNewsom @VP @RobertGarcia @fionama @BettyYeeforCA @EleniForCA @CASenateDems @AssemblyDems @LaOpinionLA ?” Romero wrote. “Don’t hide now! Can you decry the racism against @larryelder .”

Thank you, Sheriff, for calling it out. Where’s @LAdemocrats @latimes @LAPDChiefMoore @GavinNewsom @VP @RobertGarcia @fionama @BettyYeeforCA @EleniForCA @CASenateDems @AssemblyDems @LaOpinionLA ? Don’t hide now! Can you decry the racism against @larryelder @SoledadUrsua

— GloriaRomero (@GloriaJRomero) September 9, 2021

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LAPD, which has jurisdiction over Venice Beach, issued a press release Thursday night saying two men also hit Elder’s guard in the head. Police asked for the public’s help in identifying those suspects, along with the woman in the gorilla mask.

“She might be one of the 20,000 felons from our prisons released by our soft-on-crime governor,” Elder quipped on Tucker Carlson Tonight about the woman.

Villanueva has been a frequent critic of Los Angeles politicians and Gov. Gavin Newsom for an exploding homeless population and rise in crime.

Villanueva, a Democrat, often calls out the “woke Left.”

“Just imagine the outrage if the roles had been reversed. We would never hear the end of it,” he told the Washington Examiner. “People need to be held accountable on both sides of the aisle. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Why didn’t Gavin Newsom call out this reprehensible behavior? I distinctly remember John McCain defending Obama when someone said something. God bless him as a true patriot.”

Villanueva said he would investigate the assault as a hate crime because the woman wore a gorilla mask.

“It conveniently hides her identity, but there was a message there. She could’ve picked a Groucho Marx mask,” he said. “I think the message was clear.”

Author : Tori Richards

Source : Washington Examiner : LA sheriff on Larry Elder’s gorilla mask assailant: ‘How is this not a hate crime?’