Senator Lindsey Graham Wants Putin Assassinated


South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham’s Thursday call for Russia to “step forward” in the face of Russia’s war against Ukraine was followed by a double down on Friday’s comments.

“Someone must act in Russia. Are there Brutus in Russia? Graham, R.S.C. According to Graham, R.S.C.

Brutus was a Roman politician who killed Julius Caesar. Stauffenberg was an officer in the German Army who attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler.

Graham stated, “The only way I can end my friend is for someone from Russia to take him out. Your country and the entire world would be greatly helped by your actions.

Graham used Twitter to reiterate his comments about “Hannity”. He said, “The Russian people can fix it” and encouraged them “step up to the plate” or to live “isolated” from the rest.

Other people reacted quickly and worried about the remarks of the senator, fearing that they might provoke Putin. This could lead to the U.S. being drawn into a conflict with two of the most powerful nuclear power in the world.

Both sides were rejected.

“Seriously, wtf? ” House “Squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., tweeted.

She stated, “I wish our Congress members would cool down and regulate comments as the administration works toward avoiding WWlll.” She said, “While the world is watching the US’s response to it, Lindsey’s comments and remarks made by some House members don’t help.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., tweeted: “While we all pray to God for peace and the well-being of the peoples in Ukraine, it’s irresponsible. Leaders with steady wisdom and calm minds are needed. We need leaders who are not blood-hungry, wary politicians who make it difficult by calling for assassinations.

Anatoly Antonov was Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. and called the comments “criminal” and “outrageous.”

Graham made the comments despite opposition from his political party. He called on Russians to “rise up and take [Putin]out”. He responded by accusing Antonov of “supporting a war criminal in Putin”.

Graham said, “You, my friend, are the one who should apologize.”

This week, two independent news outlets had to be shut down because they wouldn’t air the Kremlin talk points following Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s order to invade Ukraine.

Graham said that he would love to see Putin and other top Russian military officers tried for war crimes in Ukraine.

The effort to ban Russian oil imports into America is gathering momentum in Congress. Graham was among the key sponsors of a bill introduced by Senators Lisa Murkowski (R. Alaska) and Joe Manchin, (D.W.Va).

In recent days, Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) Each introduced their own version, including Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Andy Barr.

Nancy Pelosi (D.Calif.), House speaker, stated that she supports this effort. Ro Khanna, a progressive congresswoman from California, stated that President Biden should seriously think about banning Russian oil imports.

Graham said that Nancy Pelosi was present at the Thursday press conference to promote the Manchin Murkowski bill. “Which made me wonder, What am i doing? She’s right! ”

Graham’s comment was replied by Manchin, “Putin binds us all together.”

Graham is not the only person who supports Putin’s assassination.

Ted Cruz (R.Texas) called Graham’s comments “exceptionally poor ideas” on Thursday night.