Sarah Silverman Rips Dem Party: Nothing Progressive About It, Don’t Want To Be Associated With Any Party

By Amanda Prestigiacomo March 15, 2021 | Image Source: Daily Wire

Comedian Sarah Silverman ripped the Democratic Party during an emotional video posted to Instagram on Friday, criticizing the Democrats for not allowing progress and suggesting that she no longer wants to be associated with any party.

“It’s the absolutist-ness of the party I am in that is such a turnoff to me,” the Democrat ally said. “It’s so f***ing elitist. You know, for something called ‘progressive’, it allows for zero progress.”

“It’s all or nothing, no ‘steps toward’,” Silverman continued, zeroing-in on the Left’s appetite for “canceling” the impure or “offensive.” “All or f***ing nothing. Again, righteousness porn.”

“And I’ve been thinking about this a lot, just in general, I just, I don’t know that I want to be associated with any party,” she asserted. “I really, I think I don’t want to be associated with any party anymore. … It just, it comes with too much baggage. Every party, it comes with so much f***ing baggage that no ideas can be taken at face value. And, without ideas, what are we? Without a common truth, how can we talk about it?”

“You know, Republicans might hear an idea that they would totally agree with, but, if it comes from AOC then they hate it. And of course, you know, to be honest, when I hear an idea that comes from a Republican, it’s suspect to me,” she admitted.

“We all put too much s*** on this stuff. We are no longer able to be a nation of ideas.”

Silverman has been a strong ally to the Democrat Party. Speaking at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, for example, the comedian made waves when she blasted supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), for whom she was a surrogate, for not rallying behind twice-failed candidate Hillary Clinton after she won the primary.

“To the Bernie-or-bust people, let me just tell you: You’re being ridiculous,” she said at the convention, and she was met with some boos.

Silverman, however, has seemingly become increasingly dissatisfied with the Left’s taking to Cancel Culture, in particular.

In October 2020, she likened Cancel Culture to “righteousness porn,” highlighting the conversion of her friend Christian Picciolini, who she said used to be a neo-Nazi.

“In this cancel culture, and we all know what I’m talking about — whether you think there is one or there isn’t one or where you stand on it, and there’s a lot of gray matter there — but without a path to redemption, when you take someone, you found a tweet they wrote seven years ago or a thing that they said and you expose it and you say, ‘This person should be no more. Banish them forever.’ They’re going to find some place where they are accepted. And it’s not going to be with progressives, which ironically means ‘to be changed; progress,’” she said, The Daily Wire reported.

“If we don’t give these people a path to redemption, then they’re going to go where they are accepted, which is the motherf***ing dark side,” Silverman added. “I think there should be some kind of path — do we want people to be changed? Or do we want them to stay the same, to freeze in a moment we found on the internet from 12 years ago? And so we can point to ourselves as right and them as wrong. It’s righteousness porn.”

Notably, Silverman herself was the subject of cancel culture in 2019, when footage re-emerged showing the comedian wearing blackface in a sketch.


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Author: Amanda Prestigiacomo

Source: Daily Wire: WATCH: Sarah Silverman Rips Democrat Party: Nothing ‘Progressive’ About It, Don’t Want To Be Associated With Any Party