Russian Military Commander Claims Invasion was Due to ‘Nazi’ Takeover in Ukraine

View of a building damaged following a rocket attack the city of Kyiv, Ukraine, Friday, Feb. 25, 2022. (AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti)

According to Monday’s video, a Russian military commander was captured in prison in Ukraine and claimed that he and his soldiers were led to believe they were trying to invade the country by “nationalists & Nazis”.

Russian Lt. Col. Astakhov Dmitry Mikhailovich was flanked in the way he claimed they were told by Russia that Ukraine was ruled over by a fascist government. The video was shared by Ukraine’s News Channel 24 via a translation from the New York Post.

Mikhailovich continued to refer to the alleged statements he and his soldiers received. He stated, “You are in tension and you are fighting your commander.” “He said he would go to prison to do what is right. ” “We are prepared for anything. ”

Mikhailovich may have claimed the claims under pressure, and his statements can’t be verified.

Jonathan Turley is a Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Turley is a legal analyst and raised concerns about Ukraine’s use of images of prisoners-of-war. This could be in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

“It is not clear who has the videotapes. It is difficult to know.” A blog post titled “Does the filming of Russian POWs violates Geneva Conventions?” ”

He stated, “One cannot simply say that the Russians have the right to it.” Conventions are only valid if they are applied equally. Russian POWs will not be treated the same way if the rules are applied selectively to them.

According to the Office of the United Nations Human Rights Haut Commissioner for Human Rights, 406 civilians were killed by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As of Sunday night, 801 civilians were injured in the fighting.

However, officials from Ukraine published higher casualty numbers.