RNC Internal Polling 2020 Predictions

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Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said internal polling suggests that President Donald Trump is in “good shape” to win re-election later this year.

In an interview on “Face The Nation” on Sunday, McDaniel was asked if she was worried about recent polls from her home state of Michigan that showed the top five Democratic presidential contenders beating Trump.

“Our internal polling, where we’ve been in all these states, our analytics — which is more accurate — shows the president in very good shape in all of these states,” McDaniel responded.

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“I am not concerned about any of them,” she said of the Democratic presidential contenders. “You’re seeing an energy problem for Biden. You have a huge issue with his national security stance as vice president.”

“And then with Bernie, he’s gone way too far with talking about taking away people’s health care plans,” McDaniel added.

Her comments come as a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that 46% of respondents say they approve of Trump’s job performance.

Additionally, his “strong” job approval numbers reached a new high in the same poll.

Tracking with other recent polls, the NBC poll found that the top four Democratic presidential candidates would be Trump in a head-to-head matchup, with Biden holding the largest lead over Trump compared to his fellow candidates.

Other polls have shown the president is running behind his Democratic rivals in crucial swing states he would need to win to secure another four years in the White House.

Author: Bradley Cortright

Source: IJR: RNC Chair: Polling Suggests Trump Is in ‘Good Shape’ to Win Re-Election