Rittenhouse Close Friend Now Being Tried As Well


Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger, a bitterly committed prosecutor, is not content with overcharging Kyle Rittenhouse, the cherub-faced teen — and faceplanting spectacularly at the most-watched case of the decade. He’s still fighting two felony weapons charges that he hopes will stick to Dominick Black, who is 20 years old.

Black is Rittenhouse’s closest friend and the one who gave him the rifle Kyle used in saving his hide on Aug. 25, 2020. Black began dating Rittenhouse’s sister when they became friends. Rittenhouse stayed over at Black’s house on the night of the shootings. (FYI, Rittenhouse drove himself there, despite lying politicians and media spreading disinformation that his mother drove him with his AR-15 across state borders so he could shoot rioters).

Black was charged with intentionally giving a deadly weapon to a minor under 18 when the minor used the weapon to kill someone. Black could face fines up to $20,000 or up to 12 years imprisonment if convicted.

Black and Rittenhouse both complied with the statutes as set forth in the subparagraph. That wraps it up. In the Rittenhouse case, Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder dismissed the minor in possession gun charge against Rittenhouse. It is difficult to believe that Dominick Black is still facing charges for Rittenhouse’s legal use of the rifle.

Both Binger and Schroeder will continue to perform as the Black case progresses. Yesterday’s status hearing was attended by many who assumed that Anthony Cotton, Black’s lawyer, would request that the charges against him be dropped and that the case would be dismissed. Surprisingly, Cotton requested a new hearing at another date because his client wanted to “consider all options.”

Binger appeared to be in agreement and said, “We’re still talking about things.” Judge Schroeder then set Jan. 10, 2022 as the new hearing date.

As this case progresses towards what seems to be a foregone conclusion, it’s difficult to imagine the cause of the delay: another acquittal of another young man who was unfortunate enough to come to the attention of the left’s personal destruction machinery.