Rep. Stephanie Murphy of Florida is Retiring At 43 and Giving Party Extremists A Piece of Her Mind


Rep. Stephanie Murphy, a Florida Republican, is retiring at only 43 years old, and despite her respected service and a well-established district in Orlando. She helped bring the Democratic Party’s few remaining centrists back to relevance, and she has repeatedly fought Speaker Nancy Pelosi to moderate some extremist views.

The party’s control over Congress is exposing the lie that Democrats are a “big-tent” tolerant party. Murphy stated to Politico that there is no middle ground.

Politico: Murphy stated that his first term was filled with more tolerance for Murphy’s statement, “Do what you have to do to keep your seat and return because we’re trying [to] build towards a majority.” That tolerance has eroded somewhat since we are in the majority. This is unfortunate because it means that Democrats cannot hold the majority in seats like mine or in redder ones.

This is particularly true because red-state reapportionment has left many Democratic seats at risk.

Radical Democrats accused Murphy of being anti-immigrant for supporting Kate’s Law. This law increased penalties for illegal immigrants who are deported to the U.S. and commit crimes there. Murphy claimed she supports legal immigration but is first a law-and-order congresswoman.

It didn’t matter. Several radical Democratic interest groups opposed her.

It was Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda, and the Democrats insisting that BBB be paired with the infrastructure bill, that proved to be the last straw.

It got worse when Biden tried to pass his agenda. Murphy described it as an attempt by the leadership to “beat down moderates into submission.” They took the difference between rainbows, unicorns and political reality — anger and despair — and turned it against themselves.

Radicals see reality as a falsehood. The truth was that Republicans (and later Senators Joe Manchin, and Kyrsten Sinema), were not going to vote for combining the two pieces. Biden eventually recognized this and the House passed the trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure bill. Biden signed the bill into law, but it has not yet been passed by the Build Back Better bill.

Some Democrats encouraged her to run against Republican Senator Marco Rubio after she announced her retirement.

After a while, she finally admitted that her party doesn’t want to have a member like herself. The once-favorable beacon of the House Democratic Majority, the Centrist Democrats are now very out of fashion. She worries that her party might be in the minority because of this. In the meantime, she is eager to return home to spend more time with her children and get a puppy.

She said that Washington has its own ways of telling you when it’s not your time.

She ended her remarks with words of caution.

“I don’t want to give this country and the agenda to a party trying to destroy democracy. However, I don’t want my party to be handed over to the group that wants to destroy capitalism. Both of these forces I believe are dangerous and harmful to the country.”