Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Bashes Joe Biden Over His SOTU Response


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican from Georgia) was unflinching in her video response to Biden’s State of the Union address Tuesday night. She attacked his policies and called him “mentally incompetent” and suggested that he has been compromised.

She stated that “America was invaded at its wide-open border at Joe Biden’s invitation.” Every threat is being presented. Terrorists, child trafficking, and deadly poisonous Fentanyl sent to America by the CCP or Mexican cartels all make up the list. Joe Biden recklessly puts every American’s life at risk. His most outrageous act is to fly illegal aliens at night across America, perhaps to a suburb close by.

Before shifting to Afghanistan, she called Joe Biden “a great business partner to Mexican cartels”, a subject that was absent from Biden’s speech.

She began, “And while you’re being fed blood, violence, and war 24/7 by the media on every TV, social media, and news app, Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine is still a reality, America’s still reeling after Joe Biden’s unforgivable failures in Afghanistan.”

“Only six months back, Biden abandoned Americans and armed Taliban Islamic terrorists. This unnecessarily cost the lives of 13 American soldiers. These families are still grieving for their children and daughters,” Greene said. “He unnecessarily lost 13 American soldiers, and now has sent thousands to Eastern Europe to defend another nation’s borders.”

Greene accused the “war hawks”, global elites and neocons of beating the drums of warfare” and warned that Biden is “preparing to sacrifice more of our children and daughters to defend another country’s borders, but not ours.”

Greene said that Trump would never have allowed this to happen. “For four years, America had a leader who led the world and America to peace through strength. Now we have a mentally incompetent and ‘feckless’, dementia-ridden piece, she stated. She was quoting Kathy McCollum who is the mother of Lance Corporal Rylee McCollum (20 years old) who was killed in Biden’s failed withdrawal from Afghanistan.

After the ISIS-K attack on Kabul’s airport claimed 13 lives, Kathy McCollum dialed into The Wilkow Majority, SiriusXM. The grieving mother spoke out about Biden, calling her a “feckless and dementia-ridden piece [who] just sent my son died.”

Greene then accused Biden of being compromised in her video. “Every world leader has contents from Hunter Biden’s computer and much more to blackmail them,” she said.

She continued, “So it’s not surprising America’s weak.” We don’t have a president who can defend our country. Because he serves China, Russia, and the rest of the world, we have a president who puts America last.”