‘Relax It’s Just A Meme’: GOP Candidate Tells Rep. Omar After Controversial FB Post

By Andrew Mark Miller September 06, 2020 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Republican House candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene responded to Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s criticism of one of her Facebook posts by referencing the “violence, rioting, and destruction” taking place in Omar’s Minneapolis district.

“Relax @IlhanMN, it’s just a meme,” Greene tweeted after Omar called on Facebook to remove a controversial post on Greene’s page of the Republican holding a rifle alongside photos of “the Squad.” “What isn’t a meme is BLM / ANTIFA violence, rioting, and destruction that occurred on Minneapolis streets. While your city was being burned and innocent people of color like David Dorn were killed, you called BLM / ANTIFA peaceful protesters.”


Greene added, “You encouraged fundraising and support for the rioters. When will you condemn the left wing violence being committed across the country?”

Facebook ultimately removed the post but did not provide an explanation to the Washington Examiner as to what specific policy was violated warranting the removal.

The post’s caption read: “Hate America leftists want to take this country down … Politicians have failed this country. I’m tired of seeing weak, Establishment Republicans play defense. Our country is on the line. America needs fighters who speak the truth. We need strong conservative Christians to go on the offense against these socialists who want to rip our country apart. Americans must take our country back. SAVE AMERICA. STOP SOCIALISM. DEFEAT THE DEMOCRATS!”


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused Greene of threatening violence against the House Democrats.

“Republican Leader @kevinomccarthy must immediately condemn this dangerous threat of violence against Democratic Congresswomen,” Pelosi tweeted.


Greene told the Washington Examiner that the notion her meme was “inciting violence” is “paranoid and ridiculous.”

“Those who say my meme was ‘inciting violence’ are paranoid and ridiculous,” Greene said. “Fake news is always looking for the next conspiracy theory. This question is idiotic.”

Greene added: “I ran for office to expose, confront, and defeat the radical left. I scare them so much, Pelosi and the Socialist Squad are trying to cancel me out even before I’ve even taken the oath of office. But like President Trump, what they say about me is what they think about you. These Socialist radicals will never defeat this American woman. And I will continue fighting to Keep America Great.”

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Relax, it’s just a meme’: GOP candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene fires back at Rep. Omar over controversial Facebook post