Redo Voting has Washington Buzzing and Panicking Due to it Being Fair and Honest


You’ve probably read articles on the inexplicable Redo Voting system. It has Washington, D.C. buzzing, but also panicking, depending upon how committed they are to fair, honest, and transparent voting. Redo Voting was able to answer any questions and concerns from readers. is a great website. Redo Voting is the best way to ensure an honest vote. Here’s a letter from Redo Voting’s president.

Dear Kevin

Redo Voting would like to thank you for your constructive, insightful, and useful comments on the previous two articles. We would like to thank everybody who commented.

While we remain confident that our system addresses all legitimate concerns, there are some important points that need to be noted.

We are the first company that specializes in “election integrity”. We are part of the solution to ensure that elections are universally accessible, secure, auditable, transparent, and that results are exact, unquestionably, and demonstrably accurate. We are not a voting integrity company. Voting integrity falls under the control of the state. This means that all state-issued IDs must be secure documents that conform to Real ID standards. Each ID must also have a PII (Personal Identification Information), that accurately represents the individual it was issued.

We cannot, as an election integrity firm, protect you against a corrupt government and corrupt political parties. We can only give you a direct, clear, and un-hackable way to protect yourself by protecting your voice when deciding who your representatives in government will be.

As long as people remember that there are different methods for achieving the great American future, good ideas and good governance can be generated from both sides of an aisle. To ensure that the options are clear, there should be some disagreement and contention before any election. We move forward together, in search of a bright, strong future, once an election has been decided. In elections, absolute integrity must be the standard.