Recovered Coronavirus Patient ‘Felt God’s Love’


A recovered coronavirus patient from Ohio shared his message of gratitude to the health-care workers who took care of him as he battled the virus for over two weeks, saying on “Fox & Friends” Sunday that he “felt God’s love through those people.”

Nic Brown said he spent 18 days in the hospital and seven on a ventilator, adding that doctors discharged him from the hospital two weeks ago.

He said he now “feels great,” but developed a blood clot in his leg, which he believed came from being in bed in the hospital for many days as he was battling and then recovering from COVID-19.

“The only side effect that I still have, and I’m not sure if it’s due to the virus or if it’s due to some of the drugs that they put in me, is, I just have a little bit of a numb spot in the back of my head that has been there since I’ve woken up from a coma, but each day it’s actually getting better and starting to shrink,” Brown said.

Brown, who suffered from a severe case of COVID-19, said he had a fever and headache for about four days before he developed more symptoms.

“It was not until the fifth day when I developed a cough that I felt it was time to go in and see if I had the flu,” he added.

Brown said after doctors admitted him to the hospital, the health-care workers there saved him. He had communicated with them by leaving notes on the glass window of his room and in one message wrote, “This has been the most impactful window in my life on days when I watched you work hard to keep me and others alive unable to thank you for the time that you poured into me.”

On Sunday, Brown called the health-care workers who took care of him “amazing people in a situation where you’re in isolation and you have no contact with your family.”

“Those nurses treated me like they were my family,” he continued. “It was unbelievable, the care and the kindness that they showed me. I really felt God’s love through those people and they were amazing. I cannot say that enough.”

Brown said he has stayed in touch with one health-care worker since he was discharged from the ICU, saying she visited him and gave him a card and cookies.

“I told my wife I would love to some day maybe take all of them out to a dinner just to show them my appreciation,” Brown said.

Ohio has seen over 6,200 coronavirus cases and more than 240 deaths, according to data compiled by Fox News.

Author: Talia Kaplan

Source: Fox News: Recovered coronavirus patient ‘felt God’s love’ through health-care workers who saved him