Progressives Are Having A Rough Time And It’s Glorious

By Stephen Kruiser June 24, 2021 | Image Source: PJ Media

Top O’ the Briefing

Onto the Progressive Filibuster Meltdown
Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I’ve got peanut butter in my synapses this week. Crunchy.

Well, the Senate saved us from the horrors of the “For the People Act,” and the United States of America will now chug on for a little while longer. Bryan had a post yesterday about a Dem who admitted that the whole thing was only about a federal power grab, which is what I said at the conclusion of yesterday’s Top O’ the Briefing section. I also wrote yesterday that this is the kind of thing that the Democrats will keep going after, but that will be a fight for another day.

It’s 2021 though, kids, and there is always another fight right around the corner.

Because the Democrats have convinced themselves that their smoke and mirrors bare majority means that they have a mandate, they’re a bit upset. Strap in for some loud shrieks of “RAAAAAAACISM” issuing forth from the usual suspects for the next several weeks.

With Soviet election reform dead and buried for the moment, the focus for them is now on ending the filibuster, which John Sexton wrote about over at HotAir. John’s post has a lot of examples of the diaper-filling exhortations coming from the left, like this one:

Maxine Waters used to be my representative; I’m pretty sure that she does awful things to hamsters when she’s away from cameras.

Their anguish is entertaining, of course, but we can’t let our delight distract us from the fact that they’re actually serious about all of this stuff.

Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) has been the poster girl for keeping the filibuster alive, and one of the more delicious aspects of this battle has been watching progressive activists spend over a million to harass her to no avail. As I wrote yesterday, and last month, Sinema isn’t easily swayed by the toddler-esque wailing of the Democrats who surround her. My money is still on Joe Manchin caving, but I think Sinema will hold fast and spoil her Democratic colleagues’ fun.

The Democrats could be enjoying some bipartisan victories that might actually be good for the American people, but they’re slavishly devoted to the radical progressive agenda that they mistakenly think most of America is interested in. They’d rather be rabidly partisan and myopic than responsible.

It’s making them miserable, so let’s sit back and enjoy that while it’s happening.

Help Us Give the Finger to Zuck and Dorsey

I will be sprinkling in these reminders more often going forward. My PJM and Townhall Media colleagues and I have been getting groin-kicked by Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and the rest of the leftist Big Tech Gestapo for a while now. Our choices are to either just put up with the incremental de-platforming until the Big One comes along and be out of work, or to find a way to fight back.

As our livelihoods depend on it, we’ve chosen the latter, which is what our VIP subscription program does.

Let me be very clear about the fact that we aren’t ever going to put everything behind the paywall — there will always be plenty of free content. However, we need to prepare for whatever fickle ruination Big Tech wants to visit on us. Trust me, I am VERY well aware that there are those of you who are adamant about not paying for content and I respect that. All I ask in return is that you respect the fact that I kinda like having a job.

Our VIP subscribers get a LOT of stuff from all of our writers. Each week I do two podcasts and 3-5 columns. I am about to launch another weekly podcast with my old friend and new colleague, Kevin Downey Jr. In a few weeks, I’ll be doing a weekly video called “Beyond the Briefing.”

VIP Gold subscribers get access to all of the VIP content across the Townhall Mothership (PJ Media, Townhall, RedState, Bearing Arms, HotAir, and Twitchy). Part of that package is a ticket to the “Five O’Clock Somewhere” chat that VodkaPundit, Bryan Preston, and I do for three hours every Thursday. We have our own MeWe group and we swap recipes now. It’s a thing.

Oh, VIP people don’t have to deal with ads on the site.

You can try it out for a month, or you can subscribe annually for a nominal fee. Either way, it’s the most proactive way to push back against the Big Tech bullies.

Thank you for your time. Now let us get back to the mental jacuzzi that is the Kruiser Morning Briefing, and which will always firmly reside on this side of the paywall.

Na Zdrowie, L’Chaim, and Chorizo Taco to all of you, my friends.

Everything Isn’t Awful

Author: Stephen Kruiser

Source: PJ Media: Progressives Are Having a Rough Time and It’s Glorious