Pollster Who Called Trump Win In 2016 Is Back With 2020 Call And Issues A Big Red Flag For Pennsylvania

By Victoria Taft October 19, 2020 | Image Source: PJ Media

The latest state polling by the Trafalgar Group predicts another win for President Trump in the upper 270’s to low 280’s in the Electoral College, but the CEO highlights a couple of big cautions for Republicans.

In an lengthy interview on the National Review “The Editors” podcast, the Trafalgar Group CEO Robert Cahaly told NR’s Rich Lowry that he predicts Trump will win the battleground states of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Texas. He said things are tighter in Wisconsin and Arizona, though Cahaly says Trump has the lead and will “probably win” in Arizona.

In Michigan, where Senatorial candidate John James has a slight lead, Cahaly says that a combination of James’s strength, hatred for Governor Whitmer’s COVID response and her job killing Green New Deal, and the Trump economy will propel the president to a win there.

A huge red flag is over Pennsylvania, where Cahaly predicts a Trump win, but said the state is ripe for voter fraud.

I believe Pennsylvania to be the number one state that Trump could win and have stolen from him through voter fraud. Pennsylvania has had a lot of voter fraud over the years and giving people unsolicited absentee ballots is literally like giving voter fraud operations steroids. I think it’s the state he’s most likely to win and not get the votes from.

Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit nutshells why Trafalgar enjoys the respect it’s gotten.

They’re the firm that called Trump’s wins in Michigan and Pennsylvania four years ago when nearly every other pollster was predicting Clinton victories, some by blowout margins. (Trafalgar was the only outfit to find Trump ahead in Michigan in any survey taken that year.)

The IBD/TIPP poll of 2016 also predicted a Trump win.

The Trafalgar CEO says conservative voters are five to one less likely to take polls than progressives – worse than even in 2016. He said that reluctance by conservatives to take polls has moved from 4 conservatives for every progressive to 5:1 in just the past few weeks. People who hate Trump are glad to tell anyone, especially a pollster. That’s why he believes so many of the other polls showing a clear Biden win are wrong.

Conservatives, he said, are reluctant to admit voting for Trump because they don’t trust pollsters to keep their identities secret. Conservatives are concerned about social blowback such as losing their jobs or worse.

Cahaly also said that the built-in “social desirability bias” – telling pollsters the politically correct answer – is at work as usual but believes it may be responsible for as many as a five to eight points difference in the actual polling numbers. That’s a huge gap that many pollsters, he claims, don’t attempt to mitigate in their sampling. He said his short polls, taken by text, email, phone and by other digital means, take into consideration such questions (that other pollsters have stolen) as “who is your neighbor voting for” and “do you own a hunting or fishing license”?

Besides Pennsylvania voter fraud, Cahaly warned that Republicans have an achilles heel that they need to fix. He said they don’t appear to have a plan for health care. It’s why instead of attacking Amy Coney Barrett for her religious beliefs during the Senate confirmation hearings for the US Supreme Court, they harped on ObamaCare. He said if voters think their kid won’t get their asthma medicine by voting for Trump, they’ll vote for their kid. Yes, we know that, to the extent they have a plan, Trump and the Republicans will include coverage for preexisting conditions and drugs as they’ve so stated, at this point, but the perception is they don’t have a plan.

Cahaly says this is not a “persuasion election, it’s a motivational election.”

If you want motivation, look no further than the Trump rally in Georgia on Saturday night.

But it only counts if you vote.

Author: Victoria Taft

Source: PJ Media: Pollster Who Called Trump Win In 2016 is Back With 2020 Call And Issues a Big Red Flag in Pennsylvania