Politician Says Pickup Trucks Glorify Violence And Dominion, Questions Male Truck Owners Masculinity

By Sarah Taylor January 19, 2021 | Image Source: The Blaze

A Canadian politician is receiving worldwide attention after he said that “unnecessary trucks” are complicit in the “glorification of violence and domination.”

He also questioned the masculinity of male truck owners, but was clearly taken aback when social media users came to question his own masculinity following the lengthy rant.

What are the details?

Mathew Bond, a North Vancouver, Canada, council member shared a photo of a large pickup truck on social media, which he captioned, “The glorification of violence and domination. #unnecessarytrucks #petromasculinity.”

Bond explained that the truck — a large white pickup with a large plate with a tongue-in-cheek joke reading “Global Warmer” — was dismissive in its treatment of global warming.

It only got better from there

In a later thread, Bond said that owners and operators of such trucks are simply trying to reinforce their masculinity.
“A lot of the replies to this tweet (which Twitter has graciously ran through the quality filter) are reinforcing the point I made,” he shot back. “Wow, never expected to have so many people on this website thinking about my penis (especially dudes). Weird, but thanks? Trucks are necessary in many rural areas. Designing or modifying them to be more dangerous to others than they already are is unnecessary.”

Bond insisted that the trucks — and their owners — are doing nothing more than “glorifying global warming,” a “harmful and disgusting” move.

“The fact is that trucks (all vehicles in fact) are being designed larger and more powerful than they have in the past,” he explained. “Pick your favourite light or mid duty model and compare today’s version to that of your parents (or grandparents if you’re young). The design, specifically the size and heights of the front of the truck, is more dangerous and can cause more harm to others on the road than it used to. Life it up 6″ inches [sic] plus, put a big bull bar on the front, and the affect [sic] is amplified.”

Bond also insisted that his critics are either ignorant, selfish, or preoccupied with the projection of their own masculinity.

“From the replies twitter has shown me, it seems a lot of people haven’t thought about this,” he mused. “Or they have thought about it and don’t care about the impact on other people using the road. Or they’ve thought about it and decided that having a bigger, more powerful truck with modifications that are going to be more harmful to others in a crash is somehow more ‘manly.'”

Bond concluded the lengthy thread by stating that he is personally affronted by those critics who would dare question his masculinity after he questioned their masculinity.

“The mental leap from ‘the message on the truck is harmful, glorifying global warming is violent and the size/mods on this truck make it more dangerous for others on the road’ to ‘Mathew is a d***less, ball-less, spineless, soy latte drinking, city living p***y who’s never done a day of ‘real’ work in his life, sits down to pee, hates all trucks, the hard working people that drive them and wants to control our lives’ actually illustrates the toxicity I was mentioning in the hashtags better than anything I could have done myself,” he railed.

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Author: Sarah Taylor

Source: The Blaze: Politician says pickup trucks glorify ‘violence and dominion,’ questions male truck owners’ masculinity — but then gets angry when they question his