Pigeons Wearing MAGA Hats Unleashed In Vegas


An anonymous group claimed it was behind the release of pigeons over the city of Las Vegas that are wearing MAGA hats and — in at least one case — a wig that resembles President Trump’s hair.

The group, calling itself Pigeons United To Interfere Now, or P.U.T.I.N., called it an “aerial protest” of Wednesday night’s Democratic debate, local Fox affiliate KVVU reported. They also released a video of birds wearing the headgear, with a voiceover of dialogue from the Alfred Hitchcock film “The Birds.”

“I mean, birds don’t just go around attacking people without no reason,” one of the lines says, with several birds wearing tiny red hats that say “Make America Great Again” perched ominously.

The birds were released late Tuesday night, prior to Trump’s visit to the area.

“The release date was also coordinated to serve as a gesture of support and loyalty to President Trump,” a group member using the name Coo Hand Luke told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Members of the organization said they wish to remain anonymous because they want attention directed toward their actions, not the individuals behind them. When asked by the Review-Journal if it was meant as a prank, they said it was mainly intended as satire.

hey said they bathed the birds in Dove detergent and then used eyelash glue to stick the hats and wig onto the pigeons.

This is not the first time pigeons in the area were found with hats on. In December, several pigeons were found in the Las Vegas Valley wearing cowboy hats. Two of them were rescued and had the hats removed but one of them died.

Author: Ronn Blitzer

Source: Fox News: Mysterious group protests Dem debate by unleashing pigeons wearing MAGA hats