Pence Prays With Coronavirus Task Force, Left Mocks Him


When President Trump chose Vice President Mike Pence to lead the government’s response to coronavirus, liberals shrieked over his medical inexperience, or as AOC put it, because he “literally does not believe in science.” In the next breath, however, came the attacks on religion.

On Friday, The New Yorker published this

cartoon of Pence:

Then on Sunday, a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine tweeted out a photo of Pence and his coronavirus task force in a moment of prayer, writing: “Mike Pence and his coronavirus emergency team praying for a solution. We are so screwed.”

They are not only praying for a solution of course, but any prayer at all is too much for leftists.

JD Flynn, editor in chief of the Catholic News Agency, reminded Williams that it’s not just conservative leaders who’ve turned to God in prayer.

Author: Leah Barkoukis

Source: Town Hall: The Left Mocks Pence For Praying With Coronavirus Task Force